Soundcore Q10 Life - wont work with Skype & Teams?


Just bought these to help with Video conferencing at home, but disappointed and looking to return at this rate. Can anyone recommend a cost effective decent BT headphone/adapter combo that actually works?


Can anyone explain how to get Soundcore Q10 working with Skype and Teams? I am 100% sure it is not to do with the pairing or setup of the speakers. I will list the things i have tried below…


  • Windows 10 - latest 2004 fully updated
  • Soundcore Q10 Headphones using
  • MPOW Bluetooth 5.0 BH456A adapter

Sound and microphone will not work together in Skype/Teams. If i put sound through speakers (which i cant do due to echo) everything works fine. The problem appears to be use of the Mic and Speakers at the same time.

Two devices show up in the Device Manager Sound
Soundcore Life Q10 Stereo (default)
Soundcore Life Q10 Hands Free AG Audio (disabled)
Soundcore Life Q10 Hands Free AG Audio (enabled,default)

Have tried:

  • Windows Bluetooth troubleshooter
  • Windows Audio troubleshooter
  • Removing all BT devices from system and re-adding Windows 10 default drivers (wont connect at all)
  • Removing all BT devices from system and installing MPOW’s own drivers (connect and work but not for skype)
  • Various combinations of disabling devices in the sound menu and Skype/Teams.

PS: also tried on Laptop with different BT adapter and same results. I am beginning to think the headset has a problem not the adapter.

any help gratefuly accepted :wink:



I have similar issues with my desktop and the Q10s.

One previous suggestion was to purchase a 4 pole aux cable to plug into the headphones and audio port on the desktop. I have the cable on order so haven’t tested yet.

I have also experienced the same with my work laptop and liberty 2 pros. Ihere is my post relating to custom audio setup on the laptop.

I’ll post a reply once I get the aux cable and let you know how it works out. Should be ~ 8 days w/ shipping before I get the cable.

I saw such a similar problem somewhere.
I suppose its caused by that Aux-cable.
But let the others know if there was a solution by using the 4-pole Aux .
Normally its the default Win-Bt driver, but this is not possible with the cable.
But I would check out what kind of driver is used by that Aux-Port.
Windows is full of miracles same as LINUX,

But LINUX Is a free OS
No cost, only probs, that the difference

As stated a lot of issue seems to come from Bluetooth driver. I heard one guy had to download a generic Bluetooth driver for it to work.

Also thought it was hands free for mic and stereo was for just music.

Teams custom setup you can use laptop mic for the speaking and stereo for the audio hearing. Can get best of both, just not sure or confident on how to get the hands free audio to work as I don’t have much occasion to use at work.

I Use a corded pair of headphones and the laptop mic for all conference calls and meetins

Normally the issues fall on Bluetooth drivers as others have mentioned. I’ve seen other brands Bluetooth devices have the issues you are seeing, while others brands not have an issue.

Several of the meeting hosts recommended that I use wired headset for windows video conferencing.

I’d suggest contact support and they can help you sort your issues out.

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If none of these works contact