Soundcore Q10 sound drops after 5-8 mins during teams calling

Soundcore Q10 sound drops after 5-8 mins during teams calling on Laptop (HP Elitebook). I am also using a pair of airpod pro, which works fine on the same laptop.

Any suggestions to resolve this issue. I have seen multiple posts online with the same issue. Is this somethin soundcore team can fix?

I am trying to return the product if there is no resolution, as I am not interested in going the warranty route of replacing the device (spending weeks together for the replacement process)

The very first suggestion is to reset and re-pair.

  • delete the pairing
  • reset the Q10 (see below)
  • pair again, only pair with the laptop, nothing else.

If that doesn’t fix it then there’s more involved changes in windows settings.

Hey there, please note Stereo(Headphones) one is for Music and Video, Hands-Free(Headset) is for the call, so you need to choose the right mode per your usage.

  1. Restart the laptop and forget the pairing records

  2. Reset the headphones by holding down MFB and V+ 5S when inserting the USB charger and connect them to your laptop again

  3. Go into your laptop Control panel item and found sound settings and select Headphones or stereo as Playback or sound output, then save the setting

  4. Click the Recording beside the PlayBack and choose Headset or Hands-Free as sound input, then save the setting. If the earbuds Hands-Free is grey, please click it and choose it as a default device.

  5. For the audio app, choose the Soundcore Life Q10 as the speaker and microphones device and start again to see if the issue persists. Or choose Soundcore Life Q10 as the speaker device and laptop as the mic device to see if that works.

  6. Try to use your item with other laptops or mobile phones to see if the problem still exists.

If it doesn’t help, please contact us via and we can help you move into the next step.

I have got the headphones replaced from the seller. The new device received is working as expected. No issues so far. Does not disconnect even during calls that go for 2+ hours at stretch.

Probably a defective device received before.

Thanks all for your responses.

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That is encouraging. Good to hear all is well.

Thanks for updating us with the good news :+1:

Good on the customer service to replace.

If the unit was the problem, it is most likely the antenna, I see it’s in the PCB so should have been reliable…