Soundcore Q10 vs Q20 vs Q30 Comparison

Youtube must know my love of soundcore cause last night I got this video suggested to me. Truly is a great comparison and helps anyone looking to buy a pair of headphones.

If you are looking to buy here are the links for them (USA amazon links)
Buy the Q10 Here
Buy the Q20 Here
Buy the Q30 Here

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I changed the category from review to over ear,.

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Thank you so much! I had one of those moments where I clicked it and as soon as I did I was like NOOOOO. Thank you again! Hope you are having a happy Halloween and that your kids have fun as well.

You are welcome. I have Obi-Wan and a dinosaur to go trick or treating with today. :wink:

You have fun too if you do what we did when I was young. Lol

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You got some great costume choices right there! Hope they get lots of candy! May the force be with you

Nice comparison

Yeah with Covid who knows. Lol


We had fun and they got as much candy as they did previously but Halloween was literally dead. There was like only an 8th of the kids that normally came. Several of the givers did not do it or put out buckets of candy to come and get it. Since not many kids they were giving out extra.

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Nice comparison, i’ve got the Q10s and no need for ANC.

Thanks for the share :slight_smile:

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