Soundcore Q30 - How to switch between sources


I own the Soundcore Q30.

I pair the headphones with my TV via Bluetooth and everything is ok.

Then I press the power button on the headphones twice in quick succession to switch the headphones to pairing mode and connect the headphones to my Samsung smartphone.

I have now paired the headphones with two devices. I can hear the TV in the headphones and recognise on the smartphone that the smartphone is also paired.

I start Spotify on the smartphone and no longer want to watch TV but listen to music via the smartphone.

How do I switch between TV and smartphone as a source? I am connected to both but how can I choose the source? I have tried all the buttons and there is nothing in the manual either!


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I have the Q30’s and have paired them with 2 devices (PC and Phone). The switching is automatic. What I mean is if I’m playing music from my phone, then pause it and then start playing music through my PC it switches.

It won’t play 2 sources at the same time. It won’t switch if the source you were using still has output. I hope that makes sense.


I’d suggest having a look at this… may help :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the Q35s, and I have my phone as primary and laptop as secondary paired item.

Unless there is a signal on the laptop (I.e. sound or meeting) it defaults back to the phone for Spotify, btw I’m on iOS.

Best of luck.

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Ok thanks for the answers. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works for me. The headphones do not switch to the smartphone when I switch off the TV. So even if there is no signal from the TV, the headphones do not switch to the second device. But I think I know why. A Bluetooth transmitter is connected to the TV via audio. And I am connected to this Bluetooth transmitter, not directly to the TV. It’s really annoying. Getting up. Switch off the Bluetooth transmitter, then switch it on again and so on.

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This probably will not help but which device was the first device that was connected to the headset.

If the TV transmitter was the first and mobile was the second, you may can try to do the mobile first.

You can then see if you go to your BT and see if you can then connect the device to the mobile through the BT list (as the mobile is the first device). TV probably will be the issue most times as you would probably have to still reconnect to the TV…

I had thought about putting a transmitter on my tv as well. My thought was to get this aux cable that I had and connect it to the audio. I can then run that cable to sit underneath the TV and plug in the transmitter and get better access to the transmitter. (If it did not work or work well, I would just deal with it the other way).

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I’m in the same position, so it doesn’t work automatically with transmitters? That sucks.

I have the same problem with connecting to a PC and iPhone. When the PC is on and connected, it takes over the headphones, and I can’t play audio from my iPhone, even if no audio is playing on the PC. However, I found that if I close the laptop and put it to sleep, it disconnects and the headphones switch to the iPhone. So not perfect, but most of the time if I’m using the computer I want the PC audio anyway. I just can’t use the computer and listen to music on my phone at the same time.


The same issue here: laptop takes control all the time

It’s a known issue with Windows - it keeps transmitting sound (either media or a hiss) so that fights how the Q30 does switching.

What I did was ditch Windows, I only use Android and Linux and my Q30 work exactly as I want. I do have to connect to Linux laptop first.

There are other workaround but they are complex, with some pros/cons. What you can do is tell your phone to (conditionally) forward to another number which is a VOIP number and run a VOIP client on your laptop. The PRO for this is if you lose phone signal the call will get you over Wifi. You can search for free VOIP numbers, e.g. USA has Google Voice, UK has Sipgate and there other free services. You need a SIP client on laptop, there are free ones. The CON is this complex.

I have my phone sometimes setup to conditionally if no answer or no signal to forward calls to another number. I have USA and UK free VOIP services. I used to work in a building basement with bad cellular signal so this trick of divert to VOIP and Wifi was a useful knowledge and skill to have.

All geeks knew all of this already of course.

Apparently it’s not just an issue with Windows. I’m with the same issue with a MacBook Pro. Once i use the laptop to listen it takes over the q35 and never leaves even if nothing is being streamed.
In the iPhone it shows as the music is being played in the headphone but zero sound actually is playing… it’s like the headphone is still “locked” in the BT connection with the laptop.

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I think this may be a version issue. There’s Bluetooth versions then profile versions and I think once the audio product (e.g. Q30) connects at one version it cannot switch version. Due to backwards compatibility means connect first the oldest.

So begin with all bluetooth off, then turn oldest on first (e.g. laptop) then 2nd newer (e.g. phone).

I also wrote a workaround

It is really a bummer that you can’t use some button (like double click on the power button) to switch between devices. I hope they put this in a firmware update.

Mine seems to switch fine. I’m on an Android phone and a Windows 10 laptop. If I mute sound on one device the other device becomes available. I’m running firmware version 02.30.


That’s probably because you’re muting. Windows seems to keep transmission of hiss when not playing, so pausing doesn’t work as well.