Soundcore Q30 not any good wasted my money

I purchased the Q30’s after my Q10’s stop working on Skype and I was excited to receive the Q30’s until I started using them and within less than a month the Q30’s broke the ear design on them isn’t good for people who use them regularly or even just putting them on your head will cause them to break & I’m not the only one who has had this issue , I think the design isn’t good Soundcore should have made the Q30’s similar to the Q10’s so that people can still use the headphones without worrying about tearing them up by putting them on your head the Q30 design isn’t good they need to stick to the Q10 design and style, I love the App but the Q30’s aren’t good at all I feel like I wasted my money by buying them, now I’m having to buy another pair of headphones.


Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Q30.

Thankfully Soundcore’s customer support is super helpful and nice, they should be able to help you out.

You should send an email to

They will be able to get your headphones replaced for free if you are under warranty, or maybe even a refund.


Contact support before you purchase again. If its considered a warranty issue they will help you out. I’ve had to deal with support issues before and they’ve always done a good job at resolving my issues.


If it’s covered by warranty they might replace it

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My son uses his almost daily to help with surrounding sound and has had no issues.

I will say that any drops may not be as good for them. I think the q35 as well as a few others should be made with the sliding section.

As stated warranty should not be an issue with the warranty for sure under 18 months. Wish you well on endeavor for new headset.

I have had issues with Q30 and had two replacements using warranty. The response from support was excellent.

Things do break and why you buy from Soundcore to have excellent support.

You should contact the suport and tell us what kind of answer you got.
A photo of the broken part would be helpful to check out what happened.

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