Soundcore Q30 update 2.1

Today the new firmware of the Q30 is out.
Firmware 2.1 is it the solution for all problems with EQ and indoor noise cancelling?

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I don’t see the update (yet).

Don’t you think announcing the new firm is out should mean the new firm is available on your app? It’s not. Doesn’t bode well for reputation. What’s up?

I’am not home today so i did not check myself.
But i got the Email from Soundcore that the update was out.
Here it is;

Thanks for writing back to us.

We’re sorry for the delayed release of the new firmware.

Kindly note the new firmware has been released today. Could you please check your Soundcore app to see if you could upgrade the firmware to version 2.1


It is normal to do a phased rollout after beta testing, to see if negative issues not yet encountered. If it is actually released I’d expect a small % today and then slowly build.

Release is a very dangerous notion, as that implies perfect testing. Phased rollout is wise.

Ok just updated;
ANC seems to hold on the selected after power on/off/on.
EQ no more new “custom” EQ after on/off/on.
Voice is much softer in volume.

Will test more next day’ s

Still not available for me but it’s good to hear that they fixed the volume of that voice that announces different modes. Did they also fix the volume of the sound when you turn on the headphones?

Re: ANC mode, even with 1.9 and the latest version of Soundcore app the ANC would stay on the selected mode. However, in reality it still defaults to Outdoor when you turn them on or switch from Transparency or Normal back to ANC, even though it shows Indoor as selected mode (which is the mode I always use at home). You can try it yourself and if it defaults to Outdoor it will be noticeable by the louder hiss produced in Outdoor mode vs Indoor. So the question here is if they now finally fixed it that when it shows Indoor as selected mode when you power Q30 on that it will actually start in Indoor mode rather than Outdoor?

As for Custom EQ profiles, they already fixed it partially with the latest update of Soundcore app so now only occasionally it creates a Custom EQ by itself. One time I noticed it after I powered Q30 on after a couple of days of inactivity. So I wonder if in 2.1 it still gets created occasionally?

Still nothing here.

This is normal, a few get update then more, it helps to find what they not discovered yet in terms of fix one bug cause another bug.

same here but thanks for letting us know it is coming

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I am aware of the pre update issue with the ANC.
Glad to tell you that it really stays on “indoor” and that you can hear that.
Also when you select another ANC mode you can hear that its going from one to the other.
Not everything is perfect do, the widget does not work.

After a few day’s:
NC is keeping your preference.
After many times on an off there is a new customer EQ created, so still not 100%.
Voice is good now
Volume when multiple connection is tricky with ios seems to remember the last volume that you have listened to. But when you have connected another BT headphone Q30 starts playing in that volume so can be loud.

Thanks for sharing. Well, if the loud voice when switching modes (and the loud welcome sound before it announces “connected” and the battery level) has been fixed and if the NC mode no longer defaults to Outdoor - this is already good news. But apparently they will still have work to do to fix the widget and custom EQs being created. We’ll need to keep reporting it to them.

Anyway, I hope they will release 2.1 to us soon enough as I’m also eager to test it.

I’m on 1.9 and when I switch to ANC it sticks to what I had before, the least-worst is Indoors for me and it switch back to Indoors.

Yes, when in ANC Indoor and switching to other mode and back to ANC it will stick to Indoor but the hiss will actually be that of the Outdoor mode even tho Indoor is selected, so you have to manually switch to another ANC mode and then back to Indoor to really get the Indoor mode hiss. Anyway, according to @Pieter19 this has been fixed in 2.1, so apparently it sticks to Indoor as the selected mode and the hiss is in fact that of the Indoor mode rather than the Outdoor mode.

Not on mine. I can tell by the hiss.

Well, that’s odd.

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Indeed, normally when I disagree I find I’m the wrong one, I triple checked it. The hiss is subtlety less indoors ANC, if I use left side physical buttons to swap ANC/normal/ambient/ANC it goes back to indoors. If I then use app to cycle indoors/outdoors/transport the hiss is same on outdoors/transport and slightly lower indoors. So I know it’s working for me.

We can’t both be right.

I’m on Android, could the all be the cause?

I will take @The_Professor earing over others due to his talented hearing. :wink:

I am not an audiophile, I just like quiet. I often listen to nothing with ANC active to quiet the world. So my ANC sense is better than most, but my sound quality detection is poor.

Screenshot of what I’m doing now…mathematics…

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Then it may be an iOS specific bug or something. Does the Soundcore widget work fine on Android? Because on iOS it’s also problematic: when you select Indoor in the widget and open the Soundcore app, Outdoor will be selected in the latter. And vice versa.