Soundcore Q30 Warranty Question


I bought the Q30 Life headphones back on December 21 & unfortunately the left side no longer works & neither does the headphones work while in wired mode (none bluetooth)

I tried resetting them and the various trouble shooting as per Soundcore trouble shooting which did not resolve the issues. I have spoken to UK Soundcore (Anker) support and they have provided me with a returns label to return the faulty headphones & they will be sending me a replacement under warranty.

Can anyone confirm the replacement headphones will be new or are they reconditioned??
I completely forgot to ask while speaking with support earlier today.

As a side note I gotta say I have been very impressed with the after care support team with regards to my faulty headphones warranty. Usually claiming on a warranty is usually a complete pain but my experience thus far has been exceptional.

I am in the UK, and I’ve returned 3 Q30.

None of delivered looked liked refurbished, but it is in their right to use refurbished. I guess it depends on stock levels at the time, how many have refurbished have sold. I think if they have refurbished for sale at the time, you will get a refurbished unit.

That address they return them to in Birmingham looks dodgy, but hey…

And yes, their customer service is excellent, always has been for me as a 10 year Anker customer.

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Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I realise they are within their rights to replace with a refurb unit & thats not a problem. Only reason I ask is I have returned everything incl leads etc in the original box (I bought from Amazon UK) & just hope I dont just receive the headphones minus the leads.

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In my returns I was told to return only the headphones and keep the cables etc as a refurbished is not necessarily to include them.

Net result is I have multiple cases cables etc as I got full units

They never really gave any instructions on what to return on telephone but the email stated pack headphones in original box with any accessories if at all possible. (So I just returned everything in original box)
However, I replied to the support email regarding my return to ask & they have confirmed the unit will be boxed as new & arrives tomorrow.

So all good, thanks for your input / help anyway - appreciated :+1:

Hi, @gedamatthews Don’t worry, refurbished items are from returns that were made mostly because someone didn’t like an item (color, size, etc.). In many situations, the item was never used at all. And it will include all accessories.

If the issue still persists, please drop an email to "" detailing the issue and the order information, our soundcore support team will take care of your case within 24hrs.