Soundcore Q30 with micky mouse sound while ANC on

Does someone here has the same issue? With ANC on the sound quality becomes really bad. Some kind of “Micky Mouse” sound. I got firmware 1.70 and hope that this issue can be fixed by a firmware update.
I really like the sound quality with ANC off and I’m pretty sure this isn’t only a minor decrease in sound.

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Unfortunately you are not alone, the some story with my headset, I hope this issue can be fixed by a firmware update, my pair came with firmware 1,6 and wasn’t fixed with 1,7, still waiting for a fix, however I saw other users on amazon UK have the same issue, actually the ANC is unusable. Only one youtuber has mentioned this problem in his Q30 review.

Same problem here. Can you check my last Thread?

Same problem here. FW is 1.70 sound without anc is fine, with anc active, it’s awful.

Please fix this ASAP.

Unfortunately I didn’t see any positive info about this issue and the Soundcore engineers have been focused to the mic issue, the 1,8 update didn’t bring any improvement for our probleme, I think the problem is hardware and can’t be fixed by a firmware update. I’ll asking for refund.

I requested the warranty and they sent me a new pair of headphones. The new pair doesn’t have this noise canceling issue, which I did with the others. So I think unfortunately it’s a hardware problem and not a software one.

Congratulations. I’ve bought four pairs of these headphones (also because of the upcoming christmas). Two of them are working fine, the other two would get replaced now for the second time because the support is not realy trusting me about the ANC problem (Please check firmware, make a reset, reinstall the software, and and and).

I’m done and I lost my fun on these headphones. If the second replacement is also defective I would ask for a refund.


The support team asked me about reset, which phone and android version I have, even I have mentioned in email all these details, tested with 3 different phones and 2 laptops and reset for 5 times, they still insist to check again, probably I’ll ask for refund, they have a problem with noise canceling but nobody wants to admit it. How fast was the replacement, I’m already tired with this Q30, I already waited one month for a firmware update which one didn’t fix it the issue