Soundcore rainbow

FYI- 20percent off (or 10 dollars) US.

Anyways, I was initially looking for maybe something for my niece who is graduating this year and she did like the p2s see above. I thought maybe see if any sells on anything I think she may like.

BUT I came across this ad for Soundcore as I was looking and he was cracking me up as he was looking all Wolverine. :rofl:

When I clicked on his pic, I was transported to a part of the soundcore store. Although I really did know they started to do several colors but was more surprised by the numbers when just seeing them all together.

I think my favorites is the purple of the L3Pro or light blue of the Life p3.

But the point is that it is fun that Soundcore is to a point to where they can do some colors and have some fun with some of their advertisements. (Still laughing at the Wolverine guy)…

And there other products not here that do have different colors as well.


Nice. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing.

With every option Soundcore adds, it adds to the burden of the buyer deciding what to buy, and so Soundcore should give a buyer’s guide where you select what matters most to you then 2nd most important then you see a shortlist.

I also agree with your comments that you state ever so often of numerous products out there (part of it being an on brand and off brand name for the same product)

I would rather see like something new (frames) or hybrids of some products.

Some random examples that are currently popping into my mind… … Like maybe wired earbuds, you can unplug the wired earbuds and then either connect another wired earbuds to it or can make a wired mono bud with it.

Second thought was maybe headphones that can be detachable and turn into mini speakers…

As soon as I read your post, this popped into my head. :grin:

S o m a n y c o l o u r s !

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