Soundcore rave neo interruptions

hello, I have 2 soundcore rave neo speakers, when connecting the speakers in tws mode to realme 7 or to an android TV set-top box, periodic interruptions occur - as if it pauses for a second, but when connected to a poco x3 nfc phone, there is no such thing at all. And the most interesting thing is that there is no such interruption in partycast mode at all, but the speakers work in mono and not stereo, resetting the speakers did not help me, it seems something in the firmware - firmware 2.11, I also thought interference from the router - turned it off completely in stereo mode did not give a result, I hope for your help - I’m going to use the speakers in stereo mode for the TV set - top box . I also noticed that the a2dp hardware unloading is disabled in poco, but it does not turn off on the set-top box and on the realme phone, too, maybe it is somehow connected?

The support will help you, its their job