Soundcore Rave Party 2 Review - There’s Nothing Like It!

Good afternoon everyone as promised the second part of the speaker review is officially out! However, I do need to talk about one thing before you watch the video. Unfortunately, my area where I film is currently undergoing construction and due to this, I will not have access to where I film for the next week so in order to make up for the lost time and to also get this video out as soon as possible I decided to take inspiration from my liberty 4 review as a lot of you guys like that style video and I decided to sit down, talk to you guys about my experience. I do hope you all enjoy these reviews. I also hope you enjoy this video. I will hopefully be back very soon Once construction is done and as always everyone Have a great day. Take care and stay safe.


Just picked these up at Walmart! Absolutely worth every penny great job as always