Soundcore Rave+ - Walmart

Stumbled across this on
Looks to be the same as the original Rave physically, but now features Custom EQ and PartyCast.


I saw this at the store the other day. But at that price I don’t think it will sell all that well.

Agreed. Hard to justify such a hefty price tag.

Its even more expensive you need a second one. For the price of two of these, there are other options.

I saw this on the app but wasn’t sure if it had been released and was too scared to talk about it if it wasn’t

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I think this might be the same speaker for a few dollars less at Walmart but they are just saying Rave. Either way, I’m not use to seeing Soundcore speakers pushing $200.

Edit: It’s been pointed out to me that this is the original Rave. My bad! I should have looked closer before posting.

That’s the original Rave. Has less features therefore lower price.

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Sorry about that. I can delete the post if you think that’s best?
Edit 1: I just looked quick and it seemed to be the same size and amount of speakers, same db so I thought it was the same. I should have looked closer. Before today, I thought their speakers topped out at ~$150. I never really looked that closely at the Party Speaker line.
Edit 2: I edited the post above to say it was the original Rave.

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First off, I wanted to see who the seller was which was Walmart. I find Walmart has a lot of 3rd party sellers others Walmart n Ankerdirect that really jacks up the price at times.

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At that price, I’d almost go with the rave mega…

I wonder if they will make announcements about this on the coming monday update or if it will be a quiet release?

Considering it is only a minor improvement from the orignal Rave, rather than a whole new product, it will likely be a quiet release. But I guess we will see :thinking:

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This is speaker I’m lookin for and fact it has the full compatibility of soundcore app makes this the one… for me anyways !!! I’m buyin it asap!!


I would love to hear what you think of it when you receive it!

I find it strange that walmart is the only place that carries this speaker. Mr. Postman.

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Goin to pick it up within an hr just called Walmart closest to my home and they have 1 in stock… guys like well I can’t hold it and I go well I’m in there 2x a week so I’m askin ya to please hold this and I will be there he goes ya got 1 hr ahahahahaha but I’m gettin it shortly will give some feedback tonight but for lil background over last yr I’ve owned jbl extreme 2 aiwa exos 3 sony xb43 soundcore motion plus then motion boom then w king d9 then t9 and x10 my current speakers are 2 w king d9’s and I’ve been looking for just more power was eying the rave but most places have been sold out including sou score website then the jbl 100 or 310 altho jbl extreme 2 was huge dissapointment and said I’d never buy jbl again altho the 100 and 310 get great reviews but also the original race didn’t have the soundcore app to custo.ize eq and I’ve been waitin for soundcore to do somethin like this so I’m pretty pumped right now!!! And man I just looked on here tosee if any news of upcoming stuff so to see your post was awesome… I did look on amazon they had what I think is this speaker for 239 but barely had any reviews or info on it so thought it was original rave but again thank you and will give ya update shortly


Soundcore seems to have some sort of partnership with Walmart, so some new products are Walmart exclusive for a short period of time.

BTW this is Gary from YouTube :laughing::+1:t2:

@Pantera43 do you have the original rave as well? Please post some pictures if you do pick up the rave+ would be really greatly appreciated

No I never had that speaker soundcore was always sold out and so was walmart in their store by my home but I’ve surehad a ton of other speakers and what I like and had me go for this + is fact it’s compatible with soundcore app for eq the original rave im pretty sure was not

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