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I have recently been introduced to Soundcore speakers, I have recently purchased 4 Rave Neo’s, 6 Trance Go’s a Rave Partycast & a Rave+, I have purchased then in order to Partycast as many speakers as I can! Here’s my problem, the Rave & the Rave+ are physically identical, the only actual difference is that the Rave+ can Partycast, however whereas all the other speakers have a dedicated Partycast button, & although tricky at first I believe I have “mastered” the Partycast process! Except with the Rave+ that doesn’t have a Partycast button! So how do I add my Rave+ to the Partycast speakers?

What does the manual say?

Please try to press and hold the Bluetooth button of Rave+ for 3-5 seconds to switch the mode. blue light on means Bluetooth connection, white light on means partycast mode


This is a Product Manager of the Rave Series. Thanks for questioning about PartyCast usage. Please try this to join Rave+ to the PartyCast speakers:

If you want the other devices to follow Rave+ (set Rave+ as the primary speaker),you could:
Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds on the Soundcore Rave+ that’s currently connected to your device as the primary speaker.

and you will see the Bluetooth indicator slowly flashing white:

Rave+ will automatically PartyCast the device surround. When the connection is successful, the Bluetooth indicator will keep slowly flashing white.

If you want Rave+ to copy music from other devices (set Rave+ as the secondary speaker),you could:
Set rave+ as the primary first and then press the Bluetooth button twice to make them secondary speaker in PartyCast pairing.

When Rave+ is in the secondary speaker pairing mode,the Bluetooth indicator flashes white rapidly.

Rave+ will automatically be connected to the primary speaker for seconds. When the connection is successful, the Bluetooth indicator turns steady white.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Furthermore ,could you share more details about the situation in which you use devices for PartyCast? (for what,where,when, with who,Using 12 devices to PartyCast at the same time? etc.)This will help us to better the product experience.



Seriously that was all you could answer!!!

I’d add into this, make sure only one of the rave + is actively paired / showing on your Bluetooth device list, on your desired device (I,e, phone, laptop etc).

Otherwise they both will try pairing with the phone.

Did you meet with success based on the reply from Liam?

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Yes I most certainly did, it’s kind of weird BUT physically the Rave & the Rave+ are identical, only the Rave+ partycasts! The problem is that whereas all other partycast speakers have a dedicated partycast button, the Rave+ doesn’t!
Now with the first Rave+ I purchased after a lot of trial & error I managed to partycast it however it was a defective unit, no sound came out of the Rave+! I know it was partycasted because when I turned off the “master” speaker all linked through partycast speakers shut down at the same time & the Rave+ shut down as well hence the defective speaker! It Bluetooth-ed fine only when in partycast mode no sound came through!
One final comment related to this speaker specifically Anker are currently selling these Rave+'s refurbished for $179.99 for 1 $170.99 for 2 & $161.99 for 3 or more they were also selling the Rave for $85 as I mentioned earlier physically the Rave & the Rave+ are identical, the only difference is the partycast feature on the Rave+, there is no way that the partycast feature costs Anker &70+ it’s all about supply & demand, Anker knows that people will pay considerably more for a speaker that can connect to 100+ speakers as opposed to a speaker that can only connect to 1 other speaker!

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Interesting on the refurbs… the flare 2s don’t have a partycast button, nor the mini 3, just a BT button.

I dont often have them casting together, but have done on occasion.

Did you send back for warranty? Back using now?

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Partially agree. The prices of units vary by country over time and yes sometimes you find nearly identical products at vastly different prices. Yes the market drives prices so if you’re seeking a product at a price then just patience. Usually the deepest discount occurs just prior to a successor / better product is being released. e.g. L2P was £50 just before L3P release.

I’d quite like Partycast myself so can walk around house with two or more speakers so can hear. But I won’t pay for it as I’m quite happy with my Q30 with transparency mode, the bluetooth signal and battery life is excellent and comfortable to use for hours. Works for me.

I returned the defective unit to the seller I purchased it from on eBay, he has re-listed it but when I purchased it & even after I returned it to him & had a crazy back & forth with this narcissistic outright liar, in the description it said “tested to be fully functional”, now it says Grade B Fully Functional! The problem with people like this is they create a bad experience that effects sellers across all platforms, or they sell it to someone who doesn’t care about using more then one speaker & do not know that there are cheaper alternatives for example the Rave which was being sold at $85 at least he lowered his price, I believe I paid $200 & $40 for shipping & he was super peed that I returned it because he had to pay the return shipping too which he attempted to swindle me out of by not giving me my full refund! I actually love finding sellers like these who think they can bully & cajole money out of unsuspecting online shoppers but I’ve been doing this for too long & I’ve made too many mistakes in the past to let a seller like this get away with fraud.

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Yes I did & I got them all working & I’m getting 3 more tomorrow so I’ll have at the moment 6 Rave+'s 2 Rave Partycasts with another 2 on their way & 9 Rave Neo’s one of which the lights don’t work so essentially it’s a Trance Go! I want to get more Rave+'s but even though they all partycast together the Rave+'s drown out the sound on the Rave Neo’s & Rave Partycasts but in a larger area I can use the smaller speakers to “fill in” the sound, I’m just not sure how far away the “satellite” speakers can go from the “master” which then dictates how big a space the speakers can be used. However given that they’re battery powered & waterproof/water resistant taking them outdoors will extend their range so I’ll be happy to test them outdoors.

If you are intending to mesh these outdoors, then either you need to understand QED (Quantum Electrodynamics) or just understand that local induction will fight signal.

Keep them off the ground away from metal. Not just line of sight, that’s not how the photons go, they go in all directions and are absorbed by anything dense particularly the earth which usually contains iron, and the bluetooth 2.4Ghz frequency is also absorbed by water, so away from everything possible like not near a tree, etc.

Up off ground nothing dense nearby. Something dense far away doesn’t matter due to diffraction.

And it will better at night as the sun is quite an interference.