Soundcore select pro vs motion plus vs Rave neo

i have one (flare 2) … and i want to buy another speaker… i see in the market soundcore select pro and motion plus and Rave neo … so what is the best to buy?

As far I know you can connect the Flare 2 via Partycast with all speakers which sdo have this feature.
“What’s the best to buy” is a question which is really not easy to get answered.
But may be some of the formumners here have some know how to tell you.
Good luck!

eg. If one would ask “What’s the best speaker to buy”?
I would ask him first, where one will locate it?
Small room, big hall etc… :smiley:


I’d suggest another flare 2.

Depends on intention of use.

2-3 flares will offer great flexibility on placement and are sufficiently loud in medium crowd.

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