Soundcore Space Q45 hands-on: As good as Sony or Bose but half the price

I found an interesting review for the Q45…

Inconsistent with other reviews.

They are good value for money but their ANC and ambient is not as good as Sony. And for half the price on Q45 there’s the Q30.

I’ve seen some reviews that said that it was on par and some that have said it wasn’t.

Since I don’t personally have them, who’s to say?

Those who pay for such reviews! :rofl:

Which ones were paid? The ones that said it was on Par or the ones that said it wasn’t?

I think the consensus opinion is that Transparency and ANC have been improved. Personally, my main concern is sound quality, not the extra stuff. For now I’m going to be happy with my Q30 and Q35. I also have some wired Headphones, so I’m pretty well set.

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When they do a review with Amazon affiliate links below they make money from every purchase, so they have a incentive to be overly positive to drive towards a purchase.

Whether or not they you have to judge for yourself, I look at different ones and the overly positive and not nuanced are obvious to me.

There’s also reviews with a title which doesn’t match the content “click bait”.

I’d prefer if the free units are sent out to a few diverse who do deep reviews and not pollution of the internet sending to so many bad reviewers. I think I see dozens of free review boxes sent.

I’m aware of Affiliate Links. I also don’t think just because someone has one it means they are lying. I’ve seen bad reviews where the reviewer had an affiliate link. I’m not saying it never happens, I’m just saying not always.

Like I said I don’t have them so I personally don’t know. Unless you have them, you don’t either.

PS I don’t believe I’ve ever used an Affiliate link before to purchase something. I normally look for reviews after I’ve already heard of something and already looked at pricing.

Like music , to each its own. Some do not think a speaker can be good for phone calls I happen to think the boom is great on both ends making and receiving calls some like metal some like classical personally I used to have a top of the line studio headphone costing several hundred dollars but i like the q30 better . what one person thinks is important others do not . So yes reviews will be all over the place love it hate it this is better no that is I say in the end its a matter of what works best for the individual listening to reviewers is to gain info not take as gospel. I find personally that eljeffe gives great reviews and speaks on things that matter to me but in the end its a personal opinion of which we all entitled to our own. That being said ty for sharing this as i am gathering as much info as i can to see if i want to leap