Soundcore Speakers - Difference between Stereo Pairing & PartyCasting

It seems to me like this wouldn’t be very high risk, and could easily be added in software (the signal should all be present in the bluetooth signal). They might be concerned about confusion in controls, but it shouldn’t be a big deal. I think stereo should be the default behaviour for two, but even if they leave it normal and just give an option to enable stereo in the app would be fine.

Ideally, stereo would be an option in the app for any even set of speakers. And they could indicate which are which by having the left ones pulse out of time with the right ones. But I don’t know how often that would be useful for many people.

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Also I don’t understand that. Sure Partycast is a nice goodie and a nice marketing plus, but in reality, how many are using that compared to ppl who has 2 x flare 2 and just want to hear stereo? Anker is killing stereo sound for a few percent Partycast users?
At least build a stereo switch to choose Partycast or stereo sound.

Not understand that. I will return now my 2* flare 2 and go back to my 2* Anker 1 with stereo sound!


@jercox response here:

In my opinion, this degrades the user experience for PartyCast as well as Stereo pairing. I would rather not have Stereo pairing than add confusion for users. Also, a recipe for lot of tickets for Soundcore Support.

May be a good option for stereo pairing being added to Flare 2 or other PartyCast speakers is via a dedicated button as mentioned above in posts. That also implies, it will not be available for Flare 2, unless it is somehow implemented in the Soundcore App. Again, makes Flare 2 dependent on the App. So better option is a dedicated button.

@Florian_Becker Flare 2 has its own advantages and can be connected to over 100 Flare 2s, USB-C input. May be if users plan on getting only 2 speakers of a kind, earlier Soundcore speakers (or may be future versions with a dedicated button for Stereo pairing & PartyCast - if it happens) would be a good idea (make sure to get the speakers of same make, model)

With PartyCast, Soundcore plans to add this to different variations of speakers … not just the SAME model, make (here we go… one more difference for me to list … yaay ) … so you can get different speakers and have. Lot of us have been having a lot of Soundcore speakers, being unable to pair to each other because of this limitation on Stereo

UPDATE: Added 5th difference between the two pairing mechanisms.

Well I understand Partycast and yes it is a nice feature if you can use to different Anker products!!

I guess that’s personal, I rather have a stereo sound and not have the Partycast. I bought 2* flares for stereo, so I’m returning it.

Also I think they could get both working, without confusing the users. In 2020 that should be doable.

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@Florian_Becker Indeed, it is a personal choice, as mentioned above, if users are going only for couple of speakers, earlier Soundcore speakers might be better idea. There is a market for both the Stereo paired & PartyCast speakers,

That doesn’t really make sense. It would be super easy to add both stereo and PartyCast (as mentioned above it uses stereo for 2 speakers, and partycast for more then 2).


Combining would be the best…I like the flare2 very much…great update! I’m sad if I have to return them …

Maybe someone can ask them to implement that?

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Go for 2 Flares (+) and leave the “party casters” at their parties. :smile:

I wonder if there will be ever 10 or more Flare 2 users meeting
using their speakers for a party and do that party casting.

But may be it’s “modern” and I am too old to understand that. :rofl:

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Not sure what does not make sense!

We can only go with what has been told on this thread by Soundcore Team, as this is being “planned”, it is the Design and Engineering team who implement it. Unless the Engineering team says it, no one can comment this as Super Easy and not a qualified statement as we don’t know the challenges.

If you have read this entire thread, we have this requested this already :slight_smile:
Soundcore Team Brand Manager @galaxy.zhang has responded as below

Yeah we can’t expect anything from them, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be there.

If we complimented anker on everything they did (even the bad things), then they would become a worse company (not saying they’re bad of course).

Constructive criticism is how we can help anker/soundcore grow :slight_smile:


We are doing a constructive / creative criticism in this thread by pointing out the difference (may be called as limitations too! ) as well in the previous threads (see here , here , here , many more ) :slight_smile: we members are fans as well as tough critics of these companies.

Eventually, we want Anker & Soundcore to have great products with ease of use, and have them grow even more!

PartyCast could be improved a lot with Wifi Capability (i know there are challenges ) instead of bluetooth !


I would just make stereo pairing the default for two speakers, switch it to partycast for additional speakers, and give the user options to do more within the app (like set specific speakers to right / left channels). That would give the app a real reason to exist. Right now there isn’t much content there.


So, for regular use, just pair them in stereo mode and enable partycast for Party time :thinking: Nice !

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Yes, I am here since 2017 (ANKER’s forum)
and mostly all criticisms were very constructive.
There may be different opinions, but we are all experienced enough
to distinguish between a meaningless comment and a “real” opinion.

The worse thing is to say “I hate this or that company”.
“Hate” is a very crude and harsh expression, should never been used when publishing any critics .

I dont need such a party cast, I prefer stereo pairing. :smiley:
In dont need the “lights” of the flare, so I keep those OFF. :smiley:
But If others like and need, its OK. :wink:

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Agreed, constructive criticism is exactly what I am aiming for here. I am using my two for party cast right now, and it covers more space but otherwise doesn’t sound better than one. I think stereo would be ideal in this scenario. So I want party cast as an option, plus an even better choice as the default. Not so much to ask.


What is the range of partycasted speakers? Bluetooth range…? That doesn’t make having speakers in multiple rooms where the phone for example is the plying device and it’s far away

Well… that is an interesting question discussed here here

Per @galaxy.zhang ,

I don’t believe that to be the case. In the Linus Tech Tips video, where 100 were connected, it was mentioned that the primary needed to be in range of all other speakers.

I expect that after the initial setup of PartyCast mode, the primary is simply broadcasting, and all other speakers are just streaming from it.

The most likely reason you don’t get stereo, is that the primary doesn’t know how many speakers are connected, and the secondaries don’t know either.

Also, as you can connect any PartyCast enabled speakers together, you aren’t going to necessarily have 2 identical speakers working together. I guess it was just easier to keep things as simple as possible: single channel and light-sync only. Although I should mention that the light syncing is a bit off when running a Rave Neo with a Flare 2 as primary.