Soundcore Spirit Pro

Hi folks

I have tried many many different affordable wireless around the neck style earphones and honestly nothing has come close to the battery life and sound quality (when bass mode is turned on) of the Spirit Pro.

It’s strange that they are the overlooked Soundcore product as the quality is much higher than the updated slim+ earphones and the new Curve X may have bigger drivers and longer battery but again the sound on the Pro is simply hard to beat.

One negative is the plastic ear clips. These constantly pop out / do not sit on the earphone well.

Outside of that these would be the best value for money wireless earphones around.


Anyone else have any feedback on these earphones ?

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JSYK, as per the rules, you must include at least one image to receive points for a review.

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Ah sorry !
I’ll update with a picture now :slight_smile:


Sorry never tried these before!

Nice photos!