Soundcore SPIRIT X

I got those from Alice (Thank you so much. :wink:

I know, I can not tell you much news about that earbuds.
Those have been tested a lot by many friends here.

So I publish this quite “useless review” at both forums (ANKER and soundcore)
This might be redundant, but there are so many other useless comments, so it doesn’t mind.

I will try to take some nice photos to pep up a bit.

Let’s first take a look what is in the box :

The earbuds are fitting perfectly now after I was playing around with the many plugs being added,
Thats pretty good.
The rubber is smooth and feels good.
The hooks don’t disturb even when wearing glasses as I do.
After wearing a certain time you will not feel them.

The plugs should really fit perfectly, otherwise the sound will be disappointing.
(This is one of the reason many customers are reporting sound issues)
But we all know this.

Package is fine. NO USELESS PLASTICS inside! (Thank you ANKER / soundcore) GREAT!

Pairing : Even with LINUX (LINUX and Bluetooth are really not the best friends)
Easy. No problem.
May be I know meanwhile about all the issues which can show up when pairing with LINUX .

Fitting :
I think they won’t fall out while doing exercises and sports.
But I would not like to be hunted by the community gang…
I am sure I will loose the earbuds and much more. :rofl:

Sweat :
An old man as I never sweats, even when my wife calls me after I did something wrong.
“The power lies within coolness”.
Lasting of the battery should be those 12hrs,
I haven’t tested, but I believe the other forumners who have done it.

After doing some adjustments with the eq, the sound is fine.
Without those done, there was not enough bass for me
Ears are different, so the eq adjustments should be different also.
So it doesn’t make sense to publish a screenshot of the eq.
My ears are old and “worn out”.
Not to be compared with those of you young folks.

May be the new edition of these earbuds show some improvements,
but this one is quite OK,


Thanks for the review, and while this true many of us have tested and reviewed these it is always nice hearing from someone else about their experience. As you say, your ears are old and worn so you hear things differently and if these can still satisfy your needs then it goes to show just how well rounded they are.

Btw, I love the Paddington looking bear

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The bear is an old STEIFF from the 1940.
I suppose he will like swing music as we both do… :smiley:

Another interesting music from this time
Lecuona Cuban Boys
and the piano pieces from Ernesteo Lecuona.


Enjoyed the review and gave me some thoughts for setup of pics for any reviews as a tester in the future

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A review needs photos.
Not only the community demands. :wink:

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Great review, thanks for sharing! And new reviews are always appreciated, even on older models.

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Those giveaways are mostly elder products.
Why not?
Those are not worse than “new” ones.
If those are replaced by a new type we find those on the present list.
I really don’t mind if I get the an new or an elder type of the SPIRIT X.
These ones I got, are great for me, but as usual if I don’t hide, they will disappear. :rofl::rofl:
But I will get asked before the vanishing!

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I have the spirit x myself and they are almost perfect for me. When I am resting I usually use my over ears, but when I am working or outside at all really, I use the spirit x. I have had a lot of headphones and they are the only ones that have been able to keep up with me.

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Oh ja, we should highlight this as well.
Those ear hooks are the best for using those earbuds doing exercises and work.

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I use them exclusively for workouts. I sweat a lot and I have submerged them in water, both of which they survived, they will need a few hours to dry after submersion though. The battery I tested at max volume with bassy music and the battery lasted right at 10 hours 30 minutes.

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Great review, thanks for sharing!

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Good review. Great pictures!

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You get perfect shots Franz, pictures are excellent. Coming to the review, it’s unique and different than what I read usual. Of course nice job as well. Keep doing in your style, I liked it.
I have a set of these myself, finding time to do a small review of mine, will do it some time sooner.

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Good review Franz and excellent picture poses as usual :+1:

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Just got mine the other day too. I have yet to take them out because my daughter is having too much fun carrying the box around. I have to do some yard work tomorrow, so perfect time to crack into it

Thanks for the review. Have you used the Liberty Air or Neo’s? If so, what do you prefer of the 3?

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I had others to test,
But not those you mentioned.

I gave those to friends and family.
So I am really not able to give any hints regarding earbuds
Better you ask me about speakers. :smiley:

I’ve got one of these! Love the pics!

I reviewed the Spirit X back when they released in 2018. They were excellent then and they are still a great choice in 2020.