Soundcore Spirit X2/Spirit Dot 2 Review!

And so we reach the finale, after a long extensive review I’m here to say welcome fanboys and fan girls of Soundcore to the finale of,


Wow, can’t believe this series is finally over! I wanna start off by saying that this entire series has been an amazing experience and journey as I not only got to know more about Soundcore and audio products, but it gave me a chance to get closer with all of you! So I wanna start by saying thank you to all of you that have watched every single video made these last 6 months and coming along with me on this journey. I know you guys know more then me and really appreciate all of you giving me your time of day. For the final episode I promised all of you that I was gonna go big and I think I did just that. This review is unlike any review I have ever made in all of my years reviewing Soundcore products. I hope the work speaks for itself and want to thank Nick from Hammer Fitness for being apart of this video. Now before I go let’s talk about the future, I will be taking a long overdue break of reviewing earbuds effective immediately. I will use the time to continue to educate myself and continue to build my credibility as an audio reviewer. Lastly being that the summer is here it’s only fitting that I do something for the summer and Soundcore has something that I just may have to check out, I’ll leave it at that. So everyone thank you all once again for being apart of this mini series I hopefully will see you all soon and remember hugs not drugs! Like comment and share for more!!


Another great review. Thanks for really putting these 2 pairs of earbuds through their paces.


Appreciate the hard work and time to put together the reviews.

Hope you enjoy a well earned break.

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Nice thorough review, thank you.


Nice review. Thanks for sharing