Soundcore sport air

Hi, I have the soundcore sport air headphones and the left side of the bud sound is a lot lower than the right side. The headphones are clean of earwax, so I’m thinking it might be something inside the device.
It just happened one day when I turned them on. I got them as a gift for Christmas last year. So it should still be under warranty.

Anyone know how to fix this?

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It might be an issue with the sound balancing. To balance the sound you can open sound preferences once you connect to the Sport airs in Bluetooth settings. This is easier on a laptop so I would recommend that. Once you open sound preferences look for something called balance sound and that should work.


If this does not work contact

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Another issue could be a pulling of the wiring. I think this could also cause some sound distortion.

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Is there anyway to fix this?

I do what Matt stated and if it did not work, you can try contacting