Soundcore Stickers

Quite simple. I want some soundcore stickers. At this point, most electronics brands are including stickers with their products. Why not soundcore?

If I had some soundcore stickers I would be putting them all over my stuff. Water bottles, laptops, cars etc. There is so much that can be done with these.

And for soundcore it’s really just free advertising. It’s a win win for everyone!

Who else would rock some soundcore stickers if they existed?


Heck yeah, I been saying this for some time now not just for sou score but anker as well. We need MOAR stickers

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Perhaps, if they ship outside of the US…:raised_hands: (based on bottles, cups etc so far…this is unlikely)

Possibly, would depend on the design and if it’s also easily removable (namely doesn’t damage the finish of the intended item)

Good idea!

Worldwide Shipping!

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Though a good idea… but i feel its fine without it…

I’d put them on my car window if its small like an apple sticker. I’d put them on some of my gym gear water bottles.

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Free publicity for Anker but do I endorse it by using it on my stuff? No!

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You don’t like stickers?

My daughter likes all kind of stickers and put it on everything… that’s why I dont like it. :wink:

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Yea, I would totally rock some stickers. But… They would need to be cool, not just a simple word in blue and white.

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I would totally use these on my work laptop and probably slap one on my car. This is usually a standard thing that comes with most products nowadays. Cost vs potential exposure.

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This has been a request for almost 3 years

Would be a nice inclusion with the Liberty Pro 2’a

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My 7th sense telling me that this is coming soon… Anker will include stickers in the packaging pretty soon.