Soundcore Stories Episode 1

I am on est time so the time in the screenshot will differ for some people.
January 11th at 1:00 am for those using EST


Hm wonder why this wasn’t announced and if this will be the new podcast?

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Maybe similar to the last soundcoresession with Afterboy? Prob all hands on deck for the launch?


Hopefully after launch things get back to normal. Still hope for dark mode to get fixed.

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I forgot it wasn’t working… back to the light side… would be nice for dark mode to be functional as I do like it a bit better

I’ll catch the replay

Definitely will watch it

Great stream excited to see what else will be coming :grin:

That was a long intro lol. This was a nice episode. I prefer this more than podcasts because I tend to stray away mentally without a video running for me to look at.

Yea the 25 min long intro was tough. Skipped through till I found the good part.


Was also really interesting to hear his thoughts on it and I would like to see where this ends up in a year with a lot of artist trying to find other platforms. Still hard to compete with twitch and YouTube, so we will see.


I can see twitch becoming the main alternative to the other streaming services.

It’s well established, and artists like Dave Giles and Kina Grannis, amongst others, are really embracing all of the functionality the streamers / gamers already have handy

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I’ll give it a listen