Soundcore Stories #GoldenSound Edition | Brian Vibberts

On this week’s episode of Soundcore Stories, I’m chatting to Brian Vibberts, a 6-time GRAMMY Award winning audio producer.

Things You Need to Know About Brian:

  • He has worked with some of the top-selling artists of all time including Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Billy Joel.

  • Over his career, Brian has received 272 Grammy nominations.

  • He’s also won 7 GRAMMY Awards.

  • Brian uses both analog and digital recording and mixing technology in his work.

  • His upcoming work is going to be featured on the upcoming Star Trek series.

What to Expect From the Episode:

We discuss the process of landing a new project, how to handle the pressure of working on a world-famous franchise, and how you go about putting your own stamp on its music? Brian also gives us some interesting insights into what it’s like working on projects from a variety of genres.

Are you excited for the interview? Let me know what your highlight from the episode was in the comments below :point_down:

Listen HERE


Have to check it out soon after work

Thanks for a new episode @sean.L
Will check it a bit later.

Thanks for posting this @sean.L. I hope to have time tonight to check it out. :+1:

Not sure about new Star Trek, otherwise nice.

I got finished with it tonight. He is a pretty exceptional guy. Working with MJ, Phil Collins to Disney movies and such.

This is going to be my listening tomorrow on my morning walk.