Soundcore Stories #GoldenSound Edition | Ignacio Molino

Soundcore Stories #GoldenSound Edition

This week, I sat down with 5-time GRAMMY winning engineer Ignacio Molino. In this packed episode, Ignacio taught me how to write a Latin infused pop song and we discussed the crossover potential between different styles of music. We also had a very frank discussion about how music streaming may be having a negative effect on music, due to the fact it’s becoming harder for artists, engineers, producers, and labels to make any money from the art they create.

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts about music streaming and what could be next in the future, so make sure to leave some comments below! Enjoy!

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Sorry never used such streaming providers.
No significant use for me at all.

The young ones here like those of course and will tell you what they use and their experience.
That’s fine!

Thanks for another great podcast, @sean.L


Great podcast @sean.L. I really enjoyed it.

I’m older so I probably have a different take on streaming services. When I was growing up (70’s) our streaming service was the radio. We use to record songs on our cassette tape players. However it didn’t stop me from buying albums that I liked the songs I heard from. Then again albums only cost $3.99. I had hundreds of albums. For that matter I still have a couple of hundred on CD’s.

I’m not sure what the answer is, but I know for me personally if I like the songs I hear, I end up buying the CD. I do miss the album art we use to get though. It’s not the same as it once was.

Anyway, thanks again to both of you for a great podcast!


Will get to this as soon as I can but I did like him from the Liberty 2 promotions.

This was an awesome episode @sean.L! I think music streaming is definitely going to be more popular in the future because some people don’t like to pay/download music. If you’re just streaming, it doesn’t add any storage on your phone/device. I don’t stream music just because I prefer to have my music offline/downloaded and not buffering or eating up my data, battery life, etc.


Agree. In 1970s I had to point my tape recorder microphone to my radio and time pressing the record buttons with the start of my chosen song.

In 1980s I was owning a radio-cassette and record better quality. I then owned a dual casette radio with turntable (and EQ) and would record and copy. I was also loaning LPs from library and copying them.

Around 2000s I’d have a Linux laptop and unlock CDs and do MP3 from them.

Now it’s streaming.

The complaints just change from the artists.

The artists used to say in 1970s “I can’t make money without a record deal”
Then they said “my contracts limits how much money I make, my manager makes more than me”
Then “pirating is robbing me”
Now it’s a fresh “streaming is making it hard”

And yet, there’s still rich music artists and plenty of money.

There’s always a reason to complain, apparently.

Quit complaining, if you’re liked by enough people they will pay you to stop you starving. Either paying for music, or attend your concert or other ways. So focus on your talent, if you’re talented you’ll be fine.


‘Ignacio Molino’ :clap:along with 'Acoustic’:clap:
are my favorite L2P equalizer settings :smiley:.


Finally got to listening to this podcast… another superb one @sean.L

I especially enjoyed the discussion about the congos and the fact there are two measures that can be used. Mostly those use the 3-2 but some use the more tricky 2-3… I never would have realized the difference had he not explained.

As far as streaming, surprised no plug for LUM on the podcast, they are trying to make things better, as far as $$ for the artists…

Like others have said, though, as things evolve, so does business and the ways to conduct… hopefully those successful become more well rounded and find other sources of $$…

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