Soundcore Stories | How classic tracks are turned into house bangers in 2021

What’s it like to have a song with over 31 million streams on Spotify and over 2 million people listening to your music each month?

Felix Samuel, a singer, songwriter, and producer from the UK, joins us on the podcast this week to chat about songwriting, adapting to the ever changing ways music is consumed, and what exactly goes into remixing and remaking a track.

If you want to take a deep dive into Felix’s discography, I’d recommend starting here with this remake of the classic “Pumped Up Kicks”:

Check out the episode here:
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What’s your favorite remix of a classic track? Let us know in the comments :point_down:


I really like remixes of recordings :+1:t2:. One of my favorite remixes is “Das Boot”:

Oryginal soundtrack:

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Felix and Will talk about: “brits school” :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Interesting Podcast. Thanks for sharing it! :+1:

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Really nice podcast I enjoyed listening to it this morning

I enjoy stuff like this, such an interesting topic when it comes to remixing already popular tracks. There’s always the question of ‘Should it be left alone’ or is it nice to hear a new twist on a track?

Interesting podcast. Thanks.

Nice podcast… Thanks for the view

I know nothing about music production (any of it I don’t just mean producing lol) but found this very interesting also great to hear Felixstowe the podcast!