Soundcore Stories | How To Become A YouTuber with Antwan Richardson

Ever wondered what it takes to start a successful YouTube career?

On this week’s episode, we’ve got an interview with the one and only Antwan from NewStuffTV. As regulars around here know, Antwan was one of our first ever podcast guests, and he’s also appeared on some of our subsequent livestreams. Listen as Sean and Antwan catch up and talk about balancing his life as a tech YouTuber, what it feels like when you reach 100k subscribers, and a whole lot more!

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Thanks for a new podcast @sean.L
Will listen it a bit later.

May see if my son would like to view this. Being 51, I am a little old to do it . LOL

Wow, on 100k subs, impressive .

I’ll catch up on the weekend, but kudos Antwan.
Must be the hustle :slight_smile:

nice I’ll have to check this out. crazy thinking of having 100k subs

Looking forward to listening to this one.

I listened to this podcast on my morning walk with the dogs. It was a joy listening to Antwan and Sean chatting as the enthusiasm just flows from Antwan and, for that, he has just earned another subscriber on his channel. Keep up the great work, and more podcasts like these please!

Age isn’t a limit. Example