Soundcore Stories | Meet Danny Gruff

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a splendid start to the year! We have Danny Gruff as our first guest in 2022 for this week’s episode.

If you didn’t know, Danny has previously performed for Soundcore and is a close friend of Dave Giles. He is currently producing and recording Daves’s new album at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios!

In this podcast, @sean.l will find out how the preparation has been so far and what it’s like progressing into music production since the pandemic. They’ll also discuss how Danny’s music career is ongoing and what it’s like to record at such a world-famous studio! We’ll also get to know why Danny halted his tour before Christmas, catch all of these interesting stories soon!

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Another nice podcast. Thanks.


Great podcast @sean.L

Thanks so much for asking some of my questions :wink:

Most surprising for me was the fact that Danny is doing a lot of production work and has it separated from his actual own music. Thought that was quite interesting.

Also, was surprised that the upcoming trip to abbey road, hasn’t quite hit him yet.


Will try to get to it as I am trying to testing some stuff for work.

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I’ll give it a listen, hopefully sometime today. Been a little on the busy side this week.


Nice cast. Nice to hear Sean was his bands production guys

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