Soundcore Stories Podcast | Meet Gsnaps

First up in our Coast to Coast mini-series of podcasts is a chat with one of the artists hoping to take part in Coast to Coast…

Let’s welcome Gsnaps to the Soundcore Stories podcast :partying_face:

The Collective team was looking through entries on Instagram and we all picked out Gsnaps as one of our favorites, so naturally we had to get her on the podcast for a chat about her journey so far and her thoughts on trying to break into the music industry.

Get to know Gsnaps by:

:arrow_right: Listening to the podcast episode!
For those without a subscription service: Listen Here

:arrow_right: Watching her cover of Rap God by Eminem which has more than 1.8 million views on YouTube:

:arrow_right: And checking out some of her top tracks on LÜM:

Kick Drip Queen 2

I Rap This

Get Away

What do you think of the first episode in our Coast to Coast mini series? Let me know in the comments :point_down:


Well, I have a little bit of time, let’s check her out

It’s a really fun interview. I had a lot of fun listening :grinning:

I’ll probably listen to tomorrow if I have time always enjoy the podcasts

Very nice interview. Let go listen to that song now.

Will check it later

Nice to see the podcast starting to feature some LUM artists.

I’ve listen to some of her songs previously on LUM, so will have to check out the interview.

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Very nice and talented woman.

A beautiful woman and she raps in an interesting way.

Wow another great podcast as always!!!