Soundcore Stories with Alex Pasco

This week, I’m chatting with Alex Pasco, a 5-time GRAMMY Award winning audio engineer.

Want to get to know Alex before you press play? Here’s a quick introduction for you:

Alex’s GRAMMY Awards

Best Engineered Album, Non Classical - Hyperspace by Beck (2020)

Best Alternative Music Album - Colors by Beck (2018)

Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical - Colors by Beck (2018)

Record of the Year - Hello by Adele (2016)

Album of the Year - 25 by Adele (2016)

Fact #1: Alex taught himself how to play various musical instruments and use audio equipment from a young age.

Fact #2: In addition to Adele and Beck, Alex has also worked with artists such as Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Harry Styles, Halsey, Lana del Rey, and Sia.

In the Episode

I talked to Alex about working on Greta Van Fleet’s second album, “The Battle At Garden’s Gate”. We discussed some of the wild techniques he used to capture sound (hint: there are lightbulbs involved), and how the band pushed him to achieve new highs and their vision. We also spoke about his studio setup and why he likes working with both Digital and Analog hardware, plus the current innovations in audio that excite him.

Listen to the episode:



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