Soundcore swag/gear ideas?

I think swag and goodies are always a good way to show how much we love a brand, and Soundcore has it right by giving away some with the Launch Party !

What they offer is already great, but I’d be so down for a travel kit (for example a travel pillow and a mask), with a pair of Soundcore headphones that’d be travelling in style :airplane::sunglasses:

But what other cool stuff would you like to see in the future ?
Let’s get creative here :star_struck:


Soundcore Hat which is inspired by the Flare

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They already have a pillow/blanket thing…

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Ever tried this kind of pillow in the plane ? If you did your neck would still remember :wink:

I’m talking about this kind of pillow :

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Oh. Yeah, yeah, those are the best!

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Bluetooth beanie would be sweet tbh.

What is that?

I’d totally go for a zip-up light jacket or sweater. I wear mine from my work almost daily.

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The ones what built in headphones. Good ones are impossible to find.

That’s hardly swag, it’s just a new product idea…

swag wise, need to get some golf balls, tank-tops, socks. I also think their speakers should have an integrated bottle opener :smiley:

Both actually. Slap a soundcore logo big and bold I would still sport it

How about a soundcore beach towel, umbrella, and rain coat

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Underpants would be fine! :rofl:


Perfect. Walking around with our Soundcore underpants. Now everyone around us will know we mean business.

A soundcore flashlight! Maybe one that fits on a keychain.

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Wouldn’t mind a Soundcore branded car travel cup or backpack being added to the swag lineup…but alas that would require the shipping of items elsewhere other than US only :wink:

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A rucksack would be nice.
And because the community and Soundcore as well likes high quality,
I am sure this will be a nice, durable giveaway.
We all remember the fun we had at ANKER’s forum with that “t-shirt story”.

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A thermos cup. For all the world not just USA and that goes for all swagger!

Speaker ear muffs for winter :wink:

Gloves. With touch ability. Maybe even those special gloves that you can answer a phone with… they do already exist I know.

Instead of phone cases, how about a belt pouch for your phone. A mele type thing … can clip on a rucksack etc or belt.

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I don’t know where you guys live but I bet somewhere cold. Between speaker ear muffs, gloves or @Monk3ee bluetooth beenie, maybe Soundcore should consider creating a “winter swag” line :cold_face::joy:

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