Soundcore Trademark

Was browsing internet and came across a site called with the “Soundcore” as trademark… I know not much about trademarks … since I saw it… bringing it up here on community and for Soundcore Crew to check.

Does it impact the Anker Soundcore brand in any way or is it other way?


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I would say this has nothing to do with the Soundcore here.

But the addition"TM" is interesting.
Trademark normally means the name is “protected by copyright” and can not used by others.
This will be stated after registering the name by a state institution.

Very interesting finding!

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:thinking: I kinda wish you never brought this up. I searched the trademarks of the names and it seems Ankers original application for trademark was denied, appealed, and still denied. Now I dont know about international trademarks but it seems this one was a no go. To which I hope is protected by other means

So what you’re saying is it’s possible that It’s possible, that soundcore Isn’t trademarked by this company?

Well you can do your own search at the us trademark site and see that there are 2 companies currently TM to use soundcore name. But Anker isnt one of them as shown above it’s been suspended

So Anker shouldnt use it then? It is in contrast to the word robovac as everyone uses it including eufy

I mean nothing is to stop then, they are free to use it as is anyone else. Just whether ot not they deal with the consequences after

I just hope I didn’t shoot my foot here with this post … have seen lot of competitors copying and making duplicates of Anker / Sister brands, so wanted to check if this was one other of those…

Hope we dont have to give all our speakers back and got them relabeled. :joy:

Yeah, that is not good for Anker.

The site you listed and a lawyers office have trademarks on the name Soundcore, all others have been suspended or denied.

Could be anker is paying royalties on the trademark…

Now I’m really curious. Tempted to go down the rabbit hole…