Soundcore Trance Speaker Online Review

Hey all I found this nice simple review for the soundcore trance. It’s not a long read but coverS all the different features the speaker has to offer

happy reading!

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Looks like the original content creator did some copy / paste stuff here…

Only the title and images are Trance, but this details are for Rave Mini :wink:

Hope everyone knows, Rave Mini and Trance are the exact same – except for the below differences (more details and discussion here)

  1. Shape Structure between Trance (Box shape) Vs Rave Mini (Rounded) corners & edges

  2. Rotating Handle on Trance Vs Fixed Shape Handle on Rave Mini


I was wondering the same thing. But that makes more sense. Why have 2 of the same products with minor differences?

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May be the Soundcore Design team got inputs to have a Rotating Handle on this beast, and that’s how the new cousin Trance was born :sunglasses:


Wow I was so tired reading it that I didn’t even catch that thanks!

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That’s the “quality” of those reviewers and testers as usual.
Cut/paste at last all those look the same with the same errors.

Like in school, my “table neighbour” copied often my work, so he copied all the errors of course.
But a miracle : sometimes he got better marks than me.
(May be his handwriting was better than mine :rofl:)

Same at the university :
The beloved students were always copying their programs from each others.
The most stupid ones even used the same name of the variables,
But be careful students, ->
There are sly and very efficient algorithms in use checking if a program is copied.
(Not Plagscan) :wink:

Lol I’ve seen people do that as well. Why copy variable names or the code when you can just ask what it does and write it your own way. Same solution but different code :exploding_head: lol