Soundcore vending machines?

So i am flying today and started wondering…where else would tech vending machines work? College campuses? City streets? Conference centers? Anyone else have ideas for this sort of thing? Where would you be likely to buy Soundcore from a vending machine?

Also, what about coupons for this delivery method. I think some really beat location based discounts might work…


We have those here, but only for sweets and beverages in the sub.

That’s cool. Never seen any before

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I’ve seen those at airports before… retail sales are in trouble if this keeps up

I’m glad we don’t have one of these in our office or I would be broke!

This should be in the off topic thread.

But I have seen those vending machines at Arcades and malls near high traffic areas and the soda machines

I’ve seen them in arcades, and in areas that have crane games and such.

I have seen them in a variety of airports across the U.S. They are either Best Buy or another company and sell the items at the retail price (last time I looked at one at least). Not sure if they do OTA updates for sales and such, or if they keep them at retail due to someone’s need for something at last minute being more profitable.

These should be in Airports, Train Stations, pretty much anywhere we find people commuting.

People see audio / video products in shops in Malls, there are too many electronics shops to be listed, people can go and check the products in shops… why would someone want to check this vending machines in a mall? waste of space and product in that area.

While I can see these are convenient for those on route during a commute or just travelling (plane, train etc) having them on city streets etc would be an invite for theft and vandalism IMO…

Not all malls or shopping plazas have electronic stores so hence why you see these there.

You see them in airports sometimes. And it makes sense there - people have lost / forgotten things, and want to get a new one before a long flight. Most places I would wonder what the point was.

seen these mostly in airports.

It would be fare if they kept their prices though. I bought a lightning cable (no name) for $50 few years ago just because I forgot the cable a home and and it’s a crap.

:grimacing: that’s a lot of dough

Yeah mostly in airports. I always ask myself who uses them. I only ever come up with poor planners/packers with disposable income. Like others have mentioned the prices are usually at or above current retail prices.