Soundcore VR P10 Dongle Flashing Blue When Not In Use

Hi all,

So whenever I am not using the ear buds, the dongle is flashing blue. Does this mean I need to unplug the dongle every time I am not using it because that would suck!

For example, the dongle is plugged in my VR. When I am using it, it is a solid purple but when I put the buds in the case and put the Meta quest down, the dongle is flashing blue! I am not trying to connect to anything. In other cases, If I have one in my PC and I’m currently using it with my Meta the dongle in the PC would keep flashing. Please assist, as I do not want it to flash when I am not using it.

Most likely you will need to contact for support on this. I know a couple have talked on it but do not think a lot has it on here.

We could guess but it would be easier with support.

I will try that, thanks

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Welcome…let us know their resolution

My initial thought would be it was searching for the earbuds but I could be wrong.

So far I was just able to get a hold of support through calling and he said that the dongle is suppose to flash when not in use because it is trying to connect. I am not sure why it would try to connect though if I am not searching and the buds are put away.