#SoundcoreHalloween | Part 5 of 5

The tree hitting me house in a windstorm when I’m home alone. It sounds like there is someone walking around in the upstairs bedrooms. ItS so real sounding it even fools the dog!

For me it’s easily a baby screaming. It gives me shivers just thinking about it


Scariest sound is hands down the word “Pregnant” coming from my wifes mouth. Honestly it is horrifying at first and always seemed to have sounded like a singular sound in slow motion… :rofl:

An emergency siren like in Silent Hill.

Your mom calling you loudly by your full name :grimacing:

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Crazy whistling, while sharpening an axe.

Sound of people walking in your empty house.

The sound of a child screaming.

Receiving a call from the police informing you that your wife & 2 kids were just in a serious accident, and when you get to the scene you hear a fireman say ge would be shocked if anybody survived. That is the SCARIEST sounds I have EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE! Thankfully everyone ended up being fine, but it was quite iffy with my Son for a week or so… :pray:

No sound at all, while watching a horror movie with the lights off and your cat suddenly jerks it’s head up and stares into the darkness over your shoulder.

The sound of Thunder

Anyway my wife says my middle name. It’s never a good sign.

I would say a high pitch scream and not knowing where it’s going from. Ooo or those like creepy baby doll sounds in the middle of an alley way always give me the creeps on tv shows and I’m sure in real life I would scream and run away

You Are/Are Not the Fathertenor%20(1)

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The Xbox hidden sound profiles

When your parents call you by your full name in an angry tone. If my parents do this I first always think of the things I might have done wrong.


Anyone with children knows that silence when they are in the house can only mean something bad.
But since silence is the lack of sound I guess that doesn’t qualify. So I’ll go with the sound that the spirit makes on The Grudge.

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The sound of a child crying has been scientifically proven to be the most unsettling sound for humans.

For me, though, I would say a violin string breaking.

The sound of a swarm of bees coming your way!

Hearing footsteps coming from behind you