#SoundcoreSessions GRAMMY Winning Artist Edition w. Lecrae

Listen to our Podcast with Lecrae HERE

Watch the full performance and interview below :point_down:

Today, we sit down with hip-hop luminary Lecrae to discuss a wide range of topics including his GRAMMY nominations and upcoming projects; all the way up to Marvel superheroes and Valentine’s Day life hacks.


Middle of the night for me🙄

I wish I didn’t have enough work tonight because I really want to see this one and his performance

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Unfortunately I have plans with my buddies at that time. Might have to pull off an extended “bathroom trip” to catch this one :laughing:

Excited! As long as this winter storm doesn’t knock out my power lol.

Use Anker’s powerbanks!

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It is probably not good to have an extended bathroom break when you are with your buddies. :smile:


Yeah trying to get ready for it as well. Fingers crossed power stays on and internet too

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Oh yeah, all my power banks are fully charged. But I’ve got sometimes flaky cell reception, and not a very good UPS for internet/wifi. Going to give it a shot anyway.

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This construction could help.

but you have to keep the hamster running,
Play some music he likes. :rofl:


Sadly I have class during this time so I might have to see if I can watch after the livestream finished

I’ll watch it live

I’m interested

Watching now while trying to work! I hope my boss doesn’t stop by while I’m watching!!

Nice show but had to leave a few min ago.

Probably not live for me either, but the replay might be cool.

Pretty good stream tonight, and great question asked by @SoundcoreAaron for helping with the Valentine’s Day preparations… Lecrae had some very smooth ideas :two_hearts:

Good song to end the stream

I didn’t get to watch live, but that was my favorite session. I love his optimism and encouragement. A breath of fresh air tbh. Can’t wait for Church Clothes 4, his previous Church Clothes albums are my favorite.

Great interview!