#SoundcoreSessions GRAMMY Winning Edition w. The Infamous Stringdusters

Listen to the Podcast Here

On this episode of our new star-studded season of #SoundcoreSessions, we sit down with The Infamous Stringdusters to discuss their GRAMMY win, life on the road, and the science behind the improvisational and performative style known as bluegrass.

DISCLAIMER: No tour buses were harmed in the making of this episode. Some may have been in the making of the Stringdusters…[Shhh]

You can rewatch the stream below :point_down:


Thanks for the headsup @sean.L will try to login today


Will sleep

One word… Kids too up my free time

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Incredible stream and I liked the format with the band discussing / chatting about being on the road and such.

The music was fantastic, and equally enjoyed by all in the house this eve.

I’ll be watching this again on replay later in the week…

New year… new bar… look out :wink:


Nice group as I finally got to watch them. Nice music as well.

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Nice, hope this was fun. Their music was interesting when posted here before.

I’ll give this a watch

Loved the new album, especially Old Dangerfield