#SoundcoreSessions with Crew 54


#SoundcoreSessions has a great performance lined up this week!

This Thursday at 5pm PT/8pm ET we’re going to be bringing some party vibes and energy with Crew 54!

Crew54 are a powerhouse duo combining soulful dynamic music with an energetic live performance. You may even recognise one of the members from YouTube reviewing some of his favorite Soundcore products…:eyes:

Links to watch the stream will be updated in this thread soon!

In the meantime here’s some music to check out!

Find more on their website here


I’ll try and be there.

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Thanks for the headsup @sean.L :slight_smile:

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Sounds like an interesting pair to talk to, regardless of the topic.

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Thanks for letting us know I’ll try to remember hopefully school will allow me to have time to go

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Thinking this will be fun, quite like the video where they took over the radio station… I’ll try to catch it tomorrow.

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Will try to make this tonight

@sean.L thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

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Great session crew54

Glad to see how trust and respect play well into their longevity and creativeness… did not know they had done a reality show before YouTube really kicked off…

Thanks @sean.L and Soundcore for another great livestream…

Not much into rap myself but hopefully it was a good stream

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