#SoundcoreSessions with Mixed Up Everything

If you’re a fan of early 90s grunge or Rock, you’ll love this weeks #SoundcoreSessions! :metal:

Watch Here:

Mixed Up Everything are an Australian hard rock band from Melbourne formed in 2016. The Band consists of four brothers Todd Dhima, Kevin Dhima, Blake Dhima, and Koby Dhima.

Currently they are stuck in Albania after spending the last year touring across Europe and playing shows and street performing, as well as recording new music.

Links to watch the session will be added on Wednesday!



Would be cool if they could play sweet child o mine… :wink:

Looking forward to this one.

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Thanks @sean.L for sharing :+1:
Not a good time for touring :smirk:

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Oooo interesting sucks that this happened while they were touring

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This looks interesting

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Sounds fun, but not on Thanksgiving for me. Enjoy while I am sleeping off my turkey stupor.

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No show tonight?

Link out took to waiting page… found the show after somebody popped in to say it was on the “other channel” shrug

This is the correct link:

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Seems like link was to Troy dewberry livestream?? For tonight’s based on what showed after it concluded… dunno

From link at top for this…

Huh that’s odd. I used the link they I found working

Wait my link is working lol

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Hey guys! Apologies I’m not sure why YouTube was redirecting the video, I hope you eventually got to enjoy the performance! I’ll investigate further to make sure we don’t have any errors like that in the future!

How awesome was their Metallica cover!? I love how these guys can shred on acoustic!

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Metallica had some incredible music. Master of puppets is a great choice to cover.

Need to check this out as well, at some point.