Soundguys Life q35 Review

I always enjoy their reviews and think they are pretty well done. They also have some nice pictures as well.


Where my son wears his all the time, I will say that I can see the earcups wearing down quicker than say the material from the Strike1s. I find the q35 earcups to be a softer material. I will try to give it a listen /read here in the near future.

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Interesting review (sort of a lukewarm reception). Thanks for posting it.

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That’s why in my review I said I wish they were replaceable, I too find they lose the same initial squish and comfort they had the first couple times wearing them but they aren’t bad by any means either

Nice review, and quite easily digested tech info too.

Top marks for the share.

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Thanks for sharing this interesting interview. What I was most interested in was that the Q30 is almost the same as the Q35, only the price is half the price.