Space 45 Short Review

Gotta say something. My experience with over ears is not as thorough as it is with earbuds. I’ve owned akg n700nc m2 beats studio 3 sennheiser momentum 2 then the q30 q35 and now the space45. So ima just say this if you’re looking for a pair of over ears buy these asap!!!

ANC: This is easily the best strongest anc I’ve ever experienced. Had shower running faucet running and fan on in bathroom with music at 30 percent volume I could hear nothing except marcus kings new record young blood playing.

TRANSPARENCY: Also the transparency is the best I’ve heard. Picks up surrounding noise beautifully.

SOUND: As usual with soundcore it’s where it’s at. Stunning man absolutely phenomenal. I’d say these have cleaner sound than 30 and 35s . They also would have better instrument separation and Soundstage. Everything is here especially after lil tweaking in soundcore app!! Bass :heavy_check_mark:, Mids :heavy_check_mark:, Highs :heavy_check_mark: , and do they get loud without distorting? Yes they sure do! These can get downright mean as far as volume level goes and volume junkies like myself rest assured these got you covered!!!

IS THIS AN UPGRADE? If ya own the q30 or q35 should you buy these. I’d say if you want better sound alot better anc and transparency yes absolutely you should. These are that good!!!

CONCLUSION: I’ve only had about 5hrs with these after updating a couple things and I should state that I’m not a over ear headphones fan. I prefer earbuds . These just changed that . These are most comfortable pair I’ve put on . The anc and transparency is amazing but the sound is the star of the show. I think I’m at a point where I’m just done even buying other products. Soundcore products just fit me. The sound the features the prices for what you’re getting. Soundcore is second to none and when ya add in great customer service if ya have an issue. Well that’s just a win win!!! Take care everyone and man I’m in love here with these!!! Amazing job soundcore!!! Get to see tedeschi trucks band this sat and they too sound beautiful on these. Then marcus king on Sept 25th!!! CANNOT WAIT !!!


You’ve not owned much then. The El Jefe review put others higher.

Yea I’m just a ft mailman lol. After owning ones prior to q30 the akgs the momentum 2 I said I’d never spend that money for over ears. I liked the q30 sound better than the others and feature set was on par with them. But I have not bought nor will I a Sony or bose product ever again. Hated their xm4.Tws and the bose quietcomforts tws. They both had great anc and transparency but dont touch the 3 pro for sound. From pairs I’ve owned and used these are what I state. So haven’t even tried the xm4 or xm5 over ears or the bose 700

Thanks for the review. Could you do a direct comparison with Q30’s please? I’m interested in ANC comparison, but not with music playing. Just ANC strength comparison between the two, as in how much more noise does Q45 eliminate vs. Q30…

I have Q30’s and they do a pretty good job blocking noises with music playing (esp. at 30% volume as you mentioned above). But not that great with little to no music playing. Also, I’d be interested if there is any less audible “ANC hiss” present when you have ANC on without any music playing.

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Thanks for sharing your review. It’s very much appreciated. :+1:


thank you, i am very much on the fence not sure if i am going to leap into them or wait for some of the guys here to try them out first


Nice review. Thanks for sharing


The last time they launched a product with a short period discount, it was 5 weeks til the next discount, if that extrapolated correctly then you’d wait til end September / early October to see the launch price repeated.

Also if you wait a month all the non-obvious issues will get noticed and probably a couple of firmware updates.

This comment makes sense when you look at how beefier are the earcups, I find my Q30 comfy and suspected the beefier Q35 earcups would be less comfy for me and the Q45 is similar.

So if any doubt, or not in a rush, it is better to wait.

I’m expecting mic quality and wired mic discussions to dominate. We’ll see.

its the bulky cups that have me wondering i am concerned over weight as well so I maybe giving them a miss but nothing is set in stone I really want a store near me to sell soundcore products so i can try them on before I buy

There’s a weight and comfort difference Q45 vs Q35

Listen particularly from 2m14s in and at 2m47s

You mentioned you didn’t like weight or clamping, seeking comfort, well this review implies you should not go for the Q45 and either wait for the next product or let the Q45 drive down the Q35 pricing.

Nice picture of the ear cups. I initially thought it was the same but you can see the q45 they are on the inner part and up on the ear cup vs the outer part of the ear cup for the q35s.

Wonder how that affects NC and if it will cause more stress on the headband? Be interested to see how that plays out over the course of several months use.

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If you watch the review, the comment is the beefier pads and less open sides combined with more clamping force does a better passive NC, so the ANC indirectly is better (active+passive is greater).

The reviews are giving a consistent understanding and the discount codes are still working if anyone needed more information before buying.

just seen this and i seriously think i will be giving them a miss, many people will say its just an ounce difference in weight ummm thats a hmmm possibly to much , thinner headband so less cusion and finally clamping force increased well ummm no no no shame if i find a shop i can try them on i might be willing to do that to see but I wont waste time and money when everything i find bad has increased. TY for finding this info Many I know think im crazy when i say comfort is upmost important to me but i know I have turned down top of the line studio headphone costing thousands because of weight and clamp force even thought the sound was fantastic and the headphones would be free to me. i will sacrifice some sound for comfort

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1 of my older brothers has my q30s he lives bout 3.5 hrs from me but I’m heading to concert next weekend and I will check this out for ya. As far as noticeable hiss I don’t hear any hiss with these . And can tell ya without any kusoc playing like right now I walk out of room into bathroom turn on fan and water and these block out almost all of it. From my memory I’d say these are a huge improvement in anc from the 30s like a huge improvement as is the transparency mode from these to the 30s . Those are the 2 biggest improvements I notice on these bit I’d have to have the 30s on to give ya solid feedback on it. I apologize on that but again first thing that really surprised the heck outta me with these wasn’t the sound… I knew they’d sound awesome but it was how good the amc and transparency modes are. I very well might not of hooked my brother up with the 30s had these 2 features been better. Over ears always cancel more than earbuds but for me the 30s were not so impressive to me I remember thibkin I’m gettin al.ost as good a anc and better transparency with my life a2nc when I had the 30s and I like the comfort of earbuds vs over ears but these are on a whole nother level than any earbuds or overears that I’ve owned.

I think co fort is key. I sent back a pair of letshuoer s12 cuz no matter tips I put on em I could not get a good fit with them. Also I think I stated in my review I’m not a huge fan of over ears. I tend to go for earbuds cuz I prefer comfort of them. Also I got a huge noggin man lol. Wear a 7 5/8 fitted hats lol. My wife jokes that our boys got their dad’s huge noggins so again I feel some or everyone is different size a heads their music tastes sound tastes whatever. I do love these and for over ears they are very comfortable for me to wear. That all bein said I guess I’d also look at it like this. Soundcore offers 30 day money back gaurantee no questions asked. Also amazon I think it’s 15 days you have if ya don’t like the product ya can return it for full refund. That’s what I did when I ordered the q35s thru Amazon and soundcore or whatever it was sold by soundcore shipped by Amazon. I sent those back like 2 days after gettin em cuz I didn’t think they were any better than the 30s I got for 30 or 40 dollars cheaper. So even today I do keep this stuff in mind. Luckily I was able to return those s12 iems when I could not get a good fit but otherwise I do same as you’re doin here. I ask questions to people who have them and I watch a ton of reviews and I pay attention in the comment sections. Also have found when people share their thoughts in those sections that most people I’ve asked questions there have been great to give me a Reply. Out if all the reviewers on YouTube I’d have to say that El jefe, digital slang, DHRME, are the best at replying to comments or questions ya might have. El jefe always has been great there but if not on his live streams he Def did. Best a luck whichever route ya go. I will say this too tho. If you have a set you currently use and love I’d just enjoy the heck out of those. Otherwise look for sales and deals. I’m yet to buy a pair of anything earbuds iems eartips phones speakers chargers or anything and pay full price. I always find deals or sit tight till there is a deal. Amazon runs daily deals as does best buy. I try to share soundcore deals here in deals and steals but there’s lot of other stuff that goes on sale too buddy!! Take care!!

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I’d consider the X10. Nothing in-ear would stay in ear for me until the X10. They still don’t stay in ear but the over-ear hook is very comfortable and stops the bud from falling to ground til I push them back in, there’s no control sensor on the part you naturally press to push back into ear, it’s a button on the top.

Very comfortable.

My main criticism of them would be battery life. Given they got 10 hours in the A40, I’m sure an engineering tweak can raise the X10 from 5 hours to higher.

I own plenty of speakers, given most of them away, speakers are useful to be in home moving around listening, the X10 single bud do a decent equivalent but I’d prefer if it had single bud ambient such as the A40.

The Frames do a very good job of comfort but I know you need prescription so probably not a good match.

I suggest hang back, don’t buy anything, wait for another over-ear headphone or an X10 successor. Engineering advances will bring something good match eventually.

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