Space A40 left earbud inconsistently working

I semi-recently bought the Space A40s and after about a week or two of owning them, the left earbud started outputting audio inconsistently. It would still work in every other way, such as touch controls and syncing with devices, it would just refuse to output audio. It then recently came back on and I just thought it was a weird quirk and I dismissed it and thanked the tech gods that my buds worked again. Then, when I went to connect them to my Windows laptop, I didn’t notice that the volume was cranked up to the max and when I went to play some music, it came in like a freaking tidal wave and the left earbud went out again. I think it’s more of a firmware problem (and I do have them updated to the latest firmware, version 03.19), and I will be waiting patiently for that next update, but if anyone else has any suggestions to fix this issue, I’d be glad to hear them

Do these buds work with other devices?

The right one does, but the left is still finicky, currently not working with anything at the moment

So it seems to be defective.
Have you given it a “strong shake”.
I know this sound ridiculous, but sometimes it could help.

Yea, didn’t work out too well. Does Soundcore do warranties or anything like that?

Yes soundcore does.
You need all papers and specs of your purchase-
Warranty time depends on the warranty laws of the country you purchased the item.
It differs.

Varies by country and who you bought through.

Example for USA