Space A40 microphone mute function

How can I mute the microphone while on phone or teams calls?

I think with the mute button on your phone or PC. As far as I know, Soundcore Earbuds don’t have a mute button.

Feel like this should be an option available in the app.

Only options available are related to music… They are great, but I’d think a separate set of controls related to calls is necessary here

Technically it is possible. They’d have to modify the app so it offered a mute/unmute for one of the single/double tap for one/both of the buds, you’d then use the app to select which control caused mute/unmmute then you’d mute via that action. e.g. double tap left bud = mute, double tap right bud = unmute.

One good reason to not allow this is accidental controls and so accidental mute/unmute. Suppose you were on mute then accidentally unmuted.

So they’d have to also make it declare “mute” and “unmute” announcement into the earpeice. That would be not something to easy retrofit into existing product, but they could add to future products.

Personally I think they have it the best way, you mute on the phone so you have a clear visual clue if you’re muted and if you push the bud into the ear as it falls out you don’t accidentally alter.

There’s less of an accidental control with a physically pressed button on the top, like the X10 as you don’t press that to push a bud into the ear.

I’m sure they are working on a bud with a physical button so before it is finalised they could add this feature.

I actually think this would be a great suggestion and option , I know I wish I had a mute button on my work headphones for when I am dealing with a customer I want to block out the chatter from others so I usually end up taking them off. Really great idea :slight_smile:

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