Space A40 update problem

I can’t update to firmware version 4.99. Why?

You should tell us more about the OS (device) you use to update

My Space A40 still show 3.19 and show no update available. App installed on iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 16.2

Guess: these buds support ldac. iPhone doesn’t support ldac.

If you had a modern technology phone, Android, it would then show ldac enable option, which would then trigger a firmware upgrade. That was the case with other Soundcore ldac supporting buds those on older technology like Apple didn’t see the newer firmware. Guessing same with A40.

Apple average 4 years behind Android so give it time.

So the newest update for iPhone users IS 3.19? If so I understand. I’m trying to find out why my mic dies about 10 minutes into a phone conversation but works fine when I disconnect and reconnect. Was hoping for a firmware fix.

Unlikely to be firmware bug.

Probably just delete pairing reset buds pair usually fixes.

Try to pair only with your phone

Thank you sir. I have tried that multiple times to no avail. I’ve sent them an email as well. May be a faulty set? We shall see. Loving the A40s otherwise.

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If you have multiple times a reset then yes more likely dud unit under warranty.

Depending where you are it is sometimes fastest to buy a new set and free return the unit you have, turns days-week into a day, in the main countries.

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Try contacting Support.