Space Q45 Ear Pressure Bass Issue (Avoid if you're a headbanger!)

Just received the Q45 and overall enjoy their package, but I am disappointed that with ANC turned on, the volume oscillates abruptly (especially the bass) every time I move my head up and down or side to side to the beat.

I know this may be an issue with ANC as previously reported by some users for the Q30 when going on a bump of the road, but it’s to the point if I smile or wink the sound changes.


This was you also.

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I had heard that until you said it. Personally I don’t use ANC or Transparency a lot. By definition it will affect the sound. I go into it expecting that which is why I don’t often use them.

That being said I don’t have the Q45’s yet, so I can’t test that.

I don’t mind it affecting the sound tuning, in fact I prefer it because the bass is less boomy (on the Q30 that is).

I generally buy headphones like this for the ANC, so not using it defeats the purpose.

I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue as I’m not sure an exchange would fix the issue. Another user mentioned they didn’t notice it when shaking their head but I am wondering how widespread it is and if it is a manifestation of driver flex. I took the Q45 on my commute today and was extremely disappointed with its performance on the older train that constantly has bumps and rocking. Every time my head moved side to side from the motion of the train, the bass constantly fluctuated like listening to a broken subwoofer. On the newer train this was less of an issue but still intermittent as it is difficult to keep my head still. It’s somewhat less bothersome when walking around.

Suggest you do a warranty swap. If the replacement does same then return for refund.

At the price of the Q45 you should be very happy with it.

Anker’s (Soundcore) customer support and warranty I have consistently found to be excellent. Suggest you use it.

Plenty of photos and proof of purchase.

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I too have a similar issue but nothing to do with side to side head motion. I have issue with wind noise blending into the words of a song, in a sense that even though I’m using ANC and also the setting to help eliminate wind noise the slider from what I find in the app is hardly even noticeable from being on or off. Even though I’m in a vehicle which is extremely quiet while driving I will hear like a wind gust and it’s almost like it blends into the song for a quick moment. It gets quite annoying after a while and I did submit an issue for soundcore engineers to check and see if they can smooth it out in the app or on a firmware level. Honestly I don’t think doing an RMA for a replacement will fix your problem as I believe it is software and or firmware based and I’m sure with a little bit of tweaking the engineers can solve this issue. I purchased a very cheap set of over the ear headphones from Telus mobility basically to use as a hands-free device while talking on the phone and there is no app whatsoever for these headphones which I apologize that I don’t recall the brand but all I do is flip ANC on and I got no wind noise whatsoever and we are talking sub $70 headphones.

This sees to be a manifestation of the same issue. I’ve experienced it on other ANC headphones, but find it worse on the Q45.

I did get a replacement but unfortunately it still has the same issue. It seems slightly better though as I am having less issues than the previous unit.

The reviews I watched all pointed that out. They also assumed a firmware update would fix.

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Which reviews? I also don’t see what the quoted post is referring to.


I noticed the same issue that slight movement breaks contact between skin and headphones, resulting in change in sound

Also I noticed a separate issue with ANC and transparency modes while on a high speed train in a tunnel. Probably the same applies to subways: sound goes repeatedly from low to high tone, like transparency gets turned on and off repeatedly.

I suspected some wind reduction, but after disabling it in settings, nothing changed

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I’m having the same problem too. I think this is an engineering error. I started using it with ANC turned off because I cannot get any efficiency from the ANC feature and it ruins the music I listen to. It gives worse results with a slightly different skull structure. For example, since my jaw joints are protruding, the constant bass explosion even with very small vibrations bothers me a lot. I hope an update will solve all of them, but I don’t even think this headset will get updates anymore. Soundcore fooled me this time