Space Q45 vs Life Q35 (and A40) review

This video is the best I have seen which goes deep into the Q45 vs Q35 differences, pros/cons, it also reviews A40 but doesn’t significantly add new information compared with previous A40 reviews.

This is the go to video for those who know the Q35 and want to know if Q45 is for them.

Although I would say if you watch this video it’s more likely to make you buy the A40.

As of now on Sunday 4th the Amazon discount codes for A40 and Q45 will work (in UK).


I saw this yesterday. I like his reviews. I own the Q20+, Q30, and Q35. I just don’t personally see enough reasons to Upgrade to these. At least for my use cases.

As for the A40, I already have the L2P, L2P+, L3P, and LA2P. Again my main focus is on sound quality and I don’t think the A40 would sound better than what I already have.
Just my 2 cents.

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Will check it soon. Thanks for sharing

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this I wanna definitely checkout as its what i want to hear about more also the q30 v 45 thank you so much for the share

There’s some Q30 vs 45 here

If you don’t like the weight and clamping force then given there was a Q10 successor Q10i and a Q20 successor Q20+, I’d not be surprised to see a Q35 successor, that may be the one you end up with. I always guess the product name badly, so Q35i, Q35+, Q40…

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ty kind sir, seeing as i believe I am getting a q30 in pink as a birthday prezzie i am wondering how it compares so I will watch this when I get in tonight ty

Space Q45 is here?

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This is the first time I hear of this left-right channel imbalance in the Q35 relationship.
I was thinking of getting a Q35, but then you say Q45 instead? For me, battery time and noise cancellation are not that important. Sound quality is much more important.

There’s reviews saying Q35 sounds better than Q45.

I don’t own either and I know sound is subjective and you can do a lot with EQ.

So the decision tree is:

  • Is ANC the most important thing to you? If so get the 10-15% better ANC Q45
    (note removes bass only across the whole Soundcore products, not treple, not as good as Sony)
  • is your phone Android and do you consume high res uncompressed audio? If so then get Q35. Note sound quality is best on Q35, and comes with NFC, right-pad-touch-ambient which the Q45 lacks, and bundles inline mic cable.
  • otherwise get Q30 as its the lower cost.

You can’t fix that with EQ. That is, if what the tester says is true, that the left channel is louder than the right. And that this affects all Q35s.

I don’t have the Q35, as it’s upgrades didn’t benefit me enough to spend double the cost of the Q30 I already owned.

But if I did, and I had this issue, I’d immediately email open ticket with support to flag the issue, if there was no fix, such as a replacement unit which addressed it, or a beta firmware update released to me to test which fixed it, I’d return for full refund and not buy another until I saw the issue was fixed.

This issue however there’s very few owners flagging it up, so the claim it’s all Q35 I have healthy skepticism. I have never had a Soundcore issue they didn’t resolve satisfactorily. I think I’ve replace 7 units of Soundcore products the last 2 years and I always ended up happy with replacements. That drives my skepticism of claims all units have issues. I’d believe early batches did.

Anker (including Soundcore) I have found over a decade has always stood by it’s warranty. Only this last week I had an Anker device fail and I wrote it up clearly with video and pictures and they immediately next day replied saying they shipped a replacement.

So my experience drives my skepticism of all Q35 has an issue. Some is believable, not all.

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I’ve never had a volume imbalance in any mode on my Q35, nor even heard of the issue before this video. And I did a LOT of online research before buying the Q35 early this year.

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I do not detect any imbalance in the 35 or 30 I don’t own the 45 I can say I am extremely happy with them both and would recommend either.