Spare parts for Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty Air 2 Pro


I am a big fan of your in-ear headphones and have now bought the brand new Liberty Air 2 Pro in addition to the Liberty 2 Pro. I am equally thrilled with the sound quality of both headphones! There is no competition in this price range in my opinion.

Only one thing worries me:

Depending on age and use, it is only normal that the earwings or earplugs made of silicone once broken; clearly, there are many different sizes included in the package, only a change is of no use if, for example, aussclieĂźlich the size M fits in the ear and just these attachments would all be broken. The battery in the charging case can also be defective. A section for spare parts cannot be found on the homepage of Soundcore / Anker.

Therefore my question:

Where can I get spare parts in case of need? Especially the earwings of the Liberty 2 Pro are specially adapted to the headphones. Having to buy new headphones for up to 130 EUR just because silicone attachments worth a few cents are missing would be out of the question for me, especially against the background of environmental protection (keyword: electronic waste) and would certainly influence my future purchase decisions. For example, Apple’s AirPods Pro are significantly more expensive, but you can reorder the original silicone tips directly from Apple in an emergency, albeit at significantly inflated “Apple prices”, and you do not have to dispose of your headphones right away.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Many greetings



As far as I know you can’t buy replacement eartips. But you can buy and use eartips frim third party. You can choose silicone or foam eartips.

I think this is a good idea, but I doubt it will be implemented. There are so many spare parts for so many products, it would be nightmare for Soundcore.

It would be cheaper to just bundle spares within the same packaging instead, cost them pennies more.

Of course, you can buy silicone earplugs from third-party suppliers, but they often do not fit properly on the headphones. I have such plugs lying around here with me and have once put them on my Liberty Air 2 Pro. This worked quite well, but they protrude much further than the original, so that you can no longer get the headphones into the charging case, because you can no longer push back the cover. It is also no longer possible to establish a connection to the power contacts, so the earphones cannot be charged without first removing the plugs, which would be absurd on the road.

And I certainly don’t start a tinkering session with a scalpel or something to cut them to fit me. :wink:

And if the earwings of the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro break, you can’t even buy ill-fitting ones, because no one else but Soundcore makes them!

There doesn’t have to be a spare part for every exotic item, but for consumables like earplugs that are easily lost or broken, I don’t think it would be too much to ask to be able to buy replacements. I think that the expense for Soundcore would be limited.

“It would be cheaper to just bundle spares within the same packaging instead, cost them pennies more.”

I totally agree with you on that. This would also be a customer friendly solution.

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They already supply you with what you don’t need - all the plugs that’s don’t fit you. Sometimes they have fitted medium and supply another medium to be spare for most people. So just a full 2nd set would cost pennies in more rubber, and packaging.

What I do is I keep all the parts from all earbuds, you eventually end up with a bag of most everything.

Also a way to address this problem.

But choosing this way companies like Soundcore can scare away their customers. Apple does it much more cleverly:

Yes, their AirPods Pro cost 280 EUR in Europe. However, if one of the earbuds breaks, you can buy a new pair for a (completely exaggerated) 9 EUR, which makes 289 EUR.

Now Soundcore in direct comparison: I buy the Liberty Air 2 Pro for 130 EUR and have to buy another pair for 130 EUR just because I can’t get matching earbuds from Soundcore or a third party. That makes a total of 260 EUR…plus the electronic waste.

Sorry, then I’d rather buy the expensive “original”, for which I then get spare parts and an excellent customer support, and quit Soundcore. The price difference isn’t that big anymore, not to mention that the AirPods Pro work much better with an iPhone than third-party products.

I really hope Soundcore is as clever as Apple.

… Or…

If you lose a part off one Soundcore, statistically it is likely months later, and by then a new product is out and you use that and old one becomes a spare in it’s reduced capability.

I think that is more aligned with Soundcore’s intention, new products frequently and you simply buy the next one.

Or… the older model is in a sale.

The notion you’d get identical product for identical price just to get a spare is unlikely. Say you bought the La2 a year ago and lost a part (say a bud) you’d probably just buy the LA2P and move the LA2 to a spare for one-bud situations.

Particularly as most Soundcore products not multimode and you’d use one product with phone, a different product with laptop, etc.

More unused electronics is more money for Soundcore.

Surely Soundcore wants to make money with new products…and they should. But a certain amount of environmental awareness or environmental protection should not be forgotten, especially in times of climate change.

I certainly don’t buy new headphones every couple of months. That comes for me for the aforementioned reasons out of the question. I usually prefer to buy once good but expensive. If Soundcore is solely concerned with profit, I may have purchased the wrong products and will not continue to support this. But as we all know, one learns from bad experiences. If you buy cheap, you buy twice, as the saying goes. Apple, I’ll probably come back to you remorseful after all.

Change begins from within. I often buy two of something so they share spares. 2 years ago I bought two Slim+ wired round-neck buds, they have tips and wings. I figured eventually one bud would fail, a tip lost, a wing lost, so I’d merge and swap parts so I’d gets say one Slim+ where one bud fully works for single-ear use and another fully working pair.

I do same with socks so as one foot wears faster, I merge and so never had one odd sock until much later.

The ideal is your idea, Soundcore makes spares for a typical loss rate and then posts them out. My counter idea of sending out with spares causes more total landfill as most spares not needed. But sending out spares does cost a lot in environment anyway, you’re manufacturing and shipping still something.

Be nice for a trade program if you need it to reduce what you do not need… but overall, health wise, you do not know what you would get from others.and not practical during these times. I mean if you live close it enough it would cost just a stamp to mail

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Within 18 months - you can contact them for more eartips under warranty, after that, you can buy third party ear tips.

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I have plenty of eartips. I think the harder parts they are talking about are the wings

I had already sent a request regarding spare parts to the support days ago and have not received an answer until today. Therefore, I wanted to bring up this topic here. So much for the support! This would not have happened to me with Apple; I know what I am talking about.

And as I already described above, I had already used third-party earplugs. Result: The headphones can no longer be charged in the case, because they no longer fit into the specified shapes. This also means that the lid of the case can no longer be pushed back.

Products from third-party manufacturers are therefore of no use to me.

The situation is even worse with the earwings of the Liberty 2 Pro. They are not available from third-party manufacturers. If even one of these fragile earwings break, I can throw the headphones away because the remaining ones are either too big (my ear cups hurt after a short time) or too small (the headphones are too loose and incorrectly adjusted in the ear).

I therefore think that Soundcore should at least offer earplugs and earwings - even for a higher price - for repurchase.

Not that I am misunderstood: I find the price-performance ratio of the Soundcore headphones unbeatable. They can compete with the “big ones” in the scene. That’s why I already own two pairs of them. I’m also a big fan of Anker products. I have various cables, chargers and powerbanks from the company and I am very satisfied with them.

It’s precisely because I’m such a fan of these companies that I’m so concerned that they might scare away customers by not selling consumer items like earbuds and earwings.

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Support has now contacted me with the following excerpted and translated information:

“Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to resupply ear tips, retaining clips or other accessories individually. Our articles are only stored completely at Amazon. Due to the even lower volume on the European market, we do not have a small parts warehouse ourselves.”

So not even Soundcore’s support could send me broken earbuds and earwings. Thus, my fears have come true and I will unfortunately have to buy from Apple, Sony & Co. again in the future. Bye, bye, Soundcore. :cry:

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Wait , what ? what if they are broken or faulty, but still in warranty ? That is sad, at least they can share more info about earbuds, tips etc ( dimension, type) so we can easily find replacement from other manufacturer

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I’m afraid we’re out of luck then too. In all likelihood, the earbuds and earwings will be seen as accessories from Soundcore’s perspective anyway, and to that extent will be excluded from warranty. And even if that’s not the case…well, they don’t have any replacements in stock in Europe that they could send you…even if they wanted to. It doesn’t get much more customer unfriendly than that.

Instead of hosting any costly release events with stars, starlets and influencers to make it feel like a hip Apple event, Soundcore would be well advised to invest the money in their infrastructure instead. IMHO

Next time I will buy a product from Apple or Sony instead. More expensive at the beginning, but ultimately cheaper in the long run.

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Too bad there isn’t a try me / size me card or something you could do before you bought,

Then instead of getting the assortment, you could load up on the fitted.

However, that would make inventory and # skus almost infinite for stocking… :thinking:

Between all owners, there are already spares, all the buds you don’t use. There isn’t the market setup for it.

Given Soundcore’s commercial model of “sell and forget, move on” it would be best if they just doubled up within the packaging. That causes even more landfill, but if you were that bothered you’d check the full carbon footprint of everything. e.g. those spares the “wonderful” Apple sells would have a huge footprint given they are shipped separately. Also known as “green washing”.

An update from support (translated):

"Good day,

Thank you very much for your message.

If the product is damaged due to quality issues, we will give a replacement.

Unfortunately, if the product is damaged due to use, we cannot offer a replacement. (…)“

And since Soundcore will most likely say in case of doubt that the earbuds and earwings did not break due to quality issues, but as a result of everyday use - they are consumer goods after all - there probably won’t even be a replacement during the warranty period. As a consumer, how can you prove otherwise?

I hope Soundcore will have second thoughts about maximizing profits. Because once the reputation is ruined…

And another small hint to Soundcore: The Sony WF-1000X3 only cost about 170 EUR at Amazon and play in a completely different league in terms of ANC. And replacements for the earbuds are also available. But what do I know.

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