Speaker not connecting to computer anymore once app is installed

My speaker was connecting fine to my computer before i installed the app…now once i’ve downloaded & connected the speaker to my phone, it doesn’t have sound when it connects to my computer bluetooth like it was before.


Which product?

The app forces a Bluetooth SPP connection which blocks a connection to the PC.

The way to solve this is you connect the product to the PC first.

Sorry about that…the soundcloud flare 2

Ok that doesn’t support Multipoint. So what is happening is the app is trying to connect to the speaker, that then forces some version of Bluetooth which supports SPP. The PC is not supporting SPP.

Two workarounds:

  • turn phone bluetooth off, turn speaker off, on, then connect to PC
  • fiddle with your phone’s app settings to not allow the app to run in the background (phone OS specific).

None of those options are working…ever since i updated the firmware…the speaker doesn’t work with my pc anymore & it was working perfectly before i installed the firmware.

Have you yet done all the obvious things like delete PC pairing, reset the speaker, pair again? Things simply get confused…

You hadn’t mentioned earlier the firmware upgrade. That would have revised the versions of the profiles, so you’d possibly need to delete pairing and pair again on the PC, it would have blocked spoofing in any AV.

I really appreciate your help…it’s not letting me reset, whether i hold bluetooth for 2 sec or whether i hold the power button & bass for 30 sec, i cannot reset

I have no problem with it connecting to the pc…the problem is once i do pair it, the sound doesn’t come on when i pair yet before the firmware installation, the sound came on with no issue.

You don’t have to reset the speaker, just go to PC, delete it’s pairing, reboot the PC, pair again.

Also ensure your PC is using headphone, not headset.

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Thank you sir…i wish i could give you a review to help you get a raise. It works now…i really appreciate your patience & knowledge.

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Good to know. Probably what happened was the PC AV protection detected a difference after the firmware upgrade and blocked the connection to protect from spoofing. You just needed to delete pairing, pair to re-auth the connection to quiesce the AV.