Speakers and Tv’s

Had anyone been able to hook their Bluetooth speakers to their television?? I have the flare 2!

You should tell us what kind of TV you are talking about.
If the TV got a built-in bt card it should be possible,
otherwise you could use an bt adapter if the TV got an AUX output

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No bluetooth on my TV so no. It does have AUX out but my Flare Mini doesn’t have AUX so no way to connect the speaker straight to TV unless I connect my laptop via HDMI and speaker to my laptop

If possible… can I get some feedback on TV-sound bluetooth.

Question: I would like to listen to my TV via my headphones (LIFE Q20 and or Q30) I would most likely hook up a “BT adapter” via my analog audio out (Left / Right RCA plug) coming out of my tivo (set-top box)…
Is there an low cost BT adapter that actually works… I have heard that there is LAG, which is probably why there isn’t wide-spread use of BT-adapter.
Thank You.

There is a BT transmitter product from Anker and a BT receiver from Anker and one which does both/either via a button.

This one does both so an all-rounder

This one receives so NOT what you want for this context (but handy if you didn’t have bluetooth speakers, a different problem)

Arggh… can’t find the transmitter… it’s somewhere… help! Perhaps I imagined it they stopped making it when they did the 2-in-1

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I haven’t tried, and you probably don’t want to unless your TV specifically supports it.

Bluetooth has a lag time for transmission and decoding. So that has to be compensated for to ensure that the video frames lag by the same amount and keeps the two in sync. Not an issue without video, but with a TV that is usually the point.

Just having a bluetooth transmitter with aux in to connect the two devices wouldn’t do you any good, as the TV wouldn’t know to compensate for the lag and you would get video and audio out of sync.


There should be a lag.
May be some here has some experience with that adapters.
I had one some time ago, but never tested it with a TV.
(Have no TV anymore :slight_smile: )


So why does, say, a Nebula Capsule Max transmit BT audio to a Soundcore speaker, not have lag, but an AUX output to a BT transmitter does have lag? Does the Capsule (or anything with built-in BT) know what the lag is and correct for it?

Some TVs give you a way to adjust the time to compensate for various issues - but usually the options are limited - you can’t slow the image down, only adjust the audio timing. So if the signal doesn’t get there fast enough for the audio to keep up with the video, you are out of luck. Audio ahead, can be fixed, but audio behind can’t be in those TVs.

It is certainly possible to compensate for the bluetooth lag on the other side, as long as you buffer the video appropriately. Presumably the capsule does this, but not all systems do.


I accept lag is potentially possible and be on the lookout for it.

I don’t see however how it is inevitable, plenty of times we each watch video content with BT audio devices, e.g. phone and BT earphones.

Bluetooth 5 is supposed to account for this, or at least has ways to do so in the spec. A/V sync is in the spec to allow it to be handled, and there are other techniques available as well.

But they are much more widely available in phones than in TVs, presumably because of demand, age (TVs stay in use much longer) and the frequency of need - almost all phones are portable and will use bluetooth at some point, most TVs are fixed and might as well be wired so limited reasons to add support. And using an aux to bluetooth adapter simply can’t compensate at all, because the source doesn’t know about the lag to compensate for it.

This is probably going off a tangent, but I kind of make the lag happen on my laptop. The laptop is 7 years old now, my old work one so old they said I could keep it. It is BT 4.0 (so not even 4.1 4.2).

My Q30 if I connect to my phone BT 5 then my laptop, it won’t work, the phone connection is I guess “too modern” to then also connect to laptop. But if I do the other way round, laptop then phone, it does connect, but there is audio lag if I pause then resume video. I have to skip a little fore/back to get it reduced. So yes can understand if too old BT then the issue arises. But the BT dongle into AUX idea is I think BT 5.

The best answer is probably just be aware of it, buy the BT transmitter, or simply buy a new TV with BT builtin, and test it immediately and if lag is there, then return for full refund.

Bluetooth 5 is still very far from a “just works” spec. Multipoint issues in both directions (two devices to one bluetooth headset, or one device to multiple headsets). Profile issues with stereo vs headset options. Latency that prevents it from being the default for gaming consoles.

I like it in some contexts, but wouldn’t currently try to use it for TV. But I look forward to version 7 or 8 that makes everything magically better, a 5.1 system over wireless would be amazing if it just worked.

Yea I guess I could do that. It’s not a big hassle at the moment to just plug my laptop in if I use the speaker but we haven’t really watched a movie together recently so I just use Flare Mini when I’m alone in my room

Great info…
It answered all my Questions??? about why BT really won’t work for “TV” (at least in my case).

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Glad to hear you have an answer, sorry it isn’t an ideal one. This just isn’t a case where hacking a solution together will give a great outcome.

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