Speakers in Checked Luggage

Can Soundcore Motion speakers be in checked baggage for international travel? (The weight makes it difficult to include in carry-on for many countries.)

Here’s what FAA.gov says, hope this helps.

“Devices containing lithium metal or lithium ion batteries (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) should be carried in carry-on baggage when possible. When portable electronic devices powered by lithium batteries are in checked baggage, they must be completely powered off and protected to prevent unintentional activation or damage.”


I guess it depends on airline’s policy as well. I would suggest to contact your travel agent or airline.

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For some reason I am thinking there were several question asked about things similar to this but I believe those were on the Anker site (which it was)

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Yes the Anker community had similar discussion on powerbanks and size/ capacity that you were allowed to travel with.

< 20,000 maH I believe

Never got any probs with any flights in the EU.
May be US got other rules.